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Why did the English want colonies in North America?

They wanted to find gold and other resources
Where was the first English colony?
Roanoke Island
What greatly angered the Spanish?
Francis Drake raided the Spanish ships
What best describes the type of government established in Jamestown?
It was a self-government
How did the Jamestown settlers avoid starvation?
They farmed the land and dug wells for water
What colonies did the French found as a result of searching for the Northwest Passage?
Quebec and Montreal
What contributed most to the growth and success of Quebec?
trading beaver fur
What river did the Dutch take control of as a result of searching for the Northwest Passage
The Hudson River
Which best summarizes why the Pilgrims chose to leave their homeland?
To practice their religious beliefs
Why did the Pilgrims go to Plymouth?
a storm blew them off course
What difficulties did the Pilgrims face at Plymouth?
hunger, winter, and disease
What group helped the Pilgrims survive at Plymouth Colony?
the Wanpanoag
Why did the Puritians send a small group of colonists ahead for the others?
to get a colony started for the others
Which region had the longest growing season?
The Southern Colonies
What made one New England colony different from another?
different religious beliefs
What happened to dissenters of Puritan rules in Massachusetts?
They were forced to leave their colony
How did many of the Middle and Southern Colonies get started?
King Charles II gave away large plots of land