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What Europeans came to North America before Columbus?
What is the vocabulary word that means scientific knowledge and tools?
Why did Columbus sail west from Europe?
He wanted to find a more direct route to Asia
Which explorer was the first to sail around the world?
Which empire did Cortes conquer?
Which country sponsored Columbus's expedition?
What happened during Hudson's last voyage?
Hudson's crew mutinied and put him in a boat adrift.
What did Verrazano, Cartier and Hudson search for in North America?
Northwest Passage
Which explorer took control of the Inca empire?
Who named and claimed Florida for Spain?
Ponce de Leon
Who was the first explorer to see the Pacific Ocean?
Who explored and claimed the southwestern United States?
Who explored and claimed for Holland the state of New York and area?
Who explored and claimed the southern part of the United States for Spain?
De Soto
What was Columbus's belief about the lands he reached in 1492? What are two facts that proved that his belief was incorrect?
Columbus thought he had reached Asia. Vespuccia said the land did not look like Asia Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean proving it was a new land.
Why did so many Europeans want to find the Northwest Passage?
Europeans wanted to find the Northwest Passage so they would have a more direct (quicker) way to Asia.
Compare Ponce de Leon's expedition with Coronado's expedition by telling one thing that was alike and one thing that was different.
Similarities: Both explored for Spain. Both ha d goal and didn't meet it. Both were conquistadors.

Differences: Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain and is known for the fountain of youth. Coronado claimed the southwest for Spain and is known for the seven cities.
What Viking in 1000 AD led other vikings from Norway to Greenland and New Finland?
Lief Erikson
Columbus sailed west to find a safe water route to__________________.
Asia (China, India and Japan)
Balboa was a _________________________ explorer who explored the land that connects North and South America.
Who was a Portuguese explorer whose ship and crew were the first to sail around the world? Proving the world was round.
Who was the Spanish explorer who explored Mexico and destroyed the Aztec Empire and Claimed Mexico for Spain and made Mexico City the capital?
Who was the Spanish explorer who conquered the Inca Empire in Peru and claimed the land for Spain?
Who was the Spanish explorer who explored the Southeast part of the US and the Mississippi River and claimed it for Spain?
De Soto
What three explorers looked for the NorthWest Passage but didn't find it?
Cartier, Hudson and Verrazano
Who explored for the Netherlands and claimed New York and the Hudson River Valley for Holland?