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Why did Columbus sail west on his first expedition?
to find a shorter route to the Indies
What are 3 reasons Columbus made more voyages to the West Indies?
start a colony, deliver people and animals to the new land, and bring riches to the new land.
What was the Columbian Exchange?
moving people and their ways of life between Eastern and Western Hemispheres.
How did Columbus's voyages impact the Americas?
Columbus showed the Europeans the way to the Americas.
Which best describes the factors that enabled Cortes to defeat the Aztecs?
metal armor, muskets, horses and allies
Who conquered the Incan Empire after Cortes conquered the Aztecs?
What colony was founded after the defeat of the Incan Empire?
What happen after Estebans death?
Coronado continued the search for Cibola
What happened first in Spain's search for gold?
Cabeza de Vaca traveled to the American Southwest
Name the most to least powerful in New Spain's colonial society.
pennisulares, creoles, mestizos, African and Indians
Describe the Indian's life on an encomeinda.
They often worked without pay and were expected to become Christians
Why did the Spanish landowners want to keep slaves?
the slaves made them rich
What was Las Casa's point of view on Indians in the encomienda system?
he wanted all slavery to end
Name the imaginary paralled lines that run in a north-south direction
lines of longitude or meridians
What happened as a result of the Columbian Exchange?
Europeans brought back horses, cattle, and pigs, to the Western Hemisphere. Europeans enjoyed corn, potaotes, tomatoes, cocoa and beans from the Americas, Indians died from being overworked and diseases.