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He hasn't said he'll do it yet, but I'm working on him.

work on someone = try to persuade someone

an area of soft wet land


He has been an active participant in the discussion.

He has been an active participant in the discussion.

a person who is taking part in an activity or event.

Our company promotes equal opportunities for women.

= women are given the same jobs, pay, etc. as men

to encourage sth; to help sth to happen or develop

South Africa hosted the World Cup finals.

to organize an event to which others are invited and make all the arrangements for them

person who invites guests to a meal, a party, etc. or who has people staying at their house

Many thanks to our host and hostess for such a wonderful evening.

a host of possibilities

a large number of people or things

They're business rivals. It seems that we're rivals for the sales manager's job. A rival shop has set up in the same street.


a person or thing that is competing with another.

This novel doesn't rival his earlier writing. Nothing rivals skiing for sheer excitement.

to be as good as sb/sthCompete

rival sb/sth (for/in sth)

He was very appreciative of our efforts to help.

The company was very appreciative of my efforts.

appreciative (of sth)grateful for sth

The theme of today's discussion will be ‘Our changing cities’.

The themes of heaven and hell were very common in paintings of this period.

a subject of a talk or piece of writing

The team's opponents are unbeaten so far this season.

a political opponent a dangerous/ worthy /formidable opponent

adversary ,

a person that you are playing or fighting against in a game, competition, argument, etc.

Some teachers are finding it difficult to implement the government's educational reforms.

carry out

to start using a plan, system, etc.

the implementation of the new system

تنفيذ، تطبيق‬

There has been a great deal of publicity surrounding his disappearance.

There has been a lot of publicity for Dustin Hoffman's latest film.

to seek/avoid publicity

notice or attention from the newspapers, television, etc.

giving information about sth in order to attract people's attention; advertising

The only way to conquer a fear is to face it.

The world champion conquered yet another challenger last night.

The Normans conquered England in 1066.

to defeat sb, especially in a competition, race, etc.

to take control of a country or city and its people by force

She could not endure the thought of parting .

of parting .

He can't endure being defeated.= He can't endure to be defeated.

a success that will endure The torn flag has endured as a symbol of freedom.

bear , to experience and deal with sth that is painful or unpleasant, especially without complaining .

to continue to exist for a long time last

You need endurance to play a four-hour match.

the ability to endure

They dropped anchor 400 yards offshore.

They anchored the tent with strong ropes.

a heavy metal object at the end of a chain that you drop into the water from a boat in order to keep the boat in one place

to drop an anchor

to fix sth firmly so that it is held in a place and cannot move