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What labs are needed in the PP assessment?
blood type and Rh
hep B
Syphillis (RPR)
prenatal hgb/hct
What are the nursing tasks if the pt is not immune to Rubella
Offer vaccine to prevent rubella in subsequent pregnancy
live vaccine so NO pregnancy x 28days
informed consent
document teaching
HOLD if allergic to eggs, neomycin, or immunosuppressed
What are the nursing tasks if the mom is Rh Negative and the baby is Rh Positive?
give RhoGAM within 72hrs of delivery
Blood product must be checked by 2 nurses
IM injection
prevents Rh sensitization for Rh- mom having Rh + baby in the future
What should be assessed in the 12 point PP check?
Lower - Extremities
Homan's Sign
Emotional status
What should you assess about vital signs?`
q15minsx1hr then q30mins x1hr
q4hrs first 24hrs PP, then q8hrs until d/c home
BP - consider baseline, variations need further assessment
P- usually bradycardia
RR - 12-20
T - up to 100.4 in the first 24hrs (hydrate if >100.4 - consider infection)
Pain (always reassess)
What should you assess about the breasts in the 12 point check?
size, symmetry, shape
areola and nipple
PPD 1&2 usually soft, nontender; may be filling
PPD 4 engorgement is possible thus palpate for firmness
Lumpy breasts may indicate milk production and sinus filling
What should you assess about the uterus in the 12PP check?
firm (ok, no massage)
Firm with massage (expel clots with gentle massage, maintain firmness, bladder)
Soft/Boggy (massage but still atonic, notify MD expect oxytocin orders)
What should you assess about lochia?
less with c/s
may have heavy flow when up for the first time in AM due to pooling in the vagina
Absent lochia (possible infection)
What should you assess about the perineum in 12point PP assessment?
Assess episiotomy or laceration
What should you assess about hemorrhoids?
Sims position
note size & number
If painful, may interfere with amb, infant care, and bowel elimination
What should you assess about the abdomen/BS?
abdomen should be soft, nontender
Active BSx4 quadrant
- if in one quadrant = impaction
If dressing present, D/I
-remove dressing per orders (usually POD 1 or 2)
- shower per protocol or physician order
What should you assess about voiding?
measure 1st 2-3 voids
300mL void, consider + empting
recheck fundus after void
report s/s UTI
What should you assess in the bowels?
What is routine for the client
flatus first before ambulation and suppository
Usually have BM day 2-3 PP
give stool softener, adequate water, fiber
What should you assess in the lower extremities?
edema (+/-) pitting nonpitting
Homan's Sign (+/-)
-observe FIRST sign for redness or warmth or edema
- extending leg with knee slightly bent, dorsiflex foot
- assess for pain with dorsiflexion
What should you assess about rest/sleep 12 point PP check?
amt of sleep during night
signs of fatigue
what is interfering with sleep
What should you assess about nutrition with 12 point PP check?
type of diet
amt consumed
tolerating intake?
adequate PO water
What should you assess about the emotional status in the 12 PP check?
eye contact
unusual behaviors
crying comfort
What are some normal attachment interactions with the infant?
maternal touch
verbal interaction
response to infant cues
fathers interactions
sibling involvement
identify strengths
interventions to promote attachment
What are some comfort nursing intervention?
ice pack (ice diaper prevents edema)
topical meds
sitz bath (for lacerations)
(tylenol, NSAIDS, Narcotics, Self med kits)
What should you educate the pt about for pericare?
water (or water with cleaning solution)
pat dry
change pad after every void or defecation (better for counting pads)
Check for bleeding in butt (prevent hemorrhage)
What are the nursing interventions with rest?
rest with the infant
feed side-lying
"no visitors" sign or block calls
At home:
-accept help
-Postpone housework
-let family help with kids
-no major house hold projects
What are the nursing interventions for nutrition?
2500ml water/day
min 1800 cals/day
balanced diet
What are the education points of exercise?
no exercise program until 4-6weeks
Abdominal toning
What are the educational teaching for emotional well-being?
s/s baby blues vs depression
adequate rest relates to emotional well-being
Realistic expectations
What should you teach the the patient about the reportable S/S PP?
breasts: red,swollen, pain unrelieved with meds
Persistent abdominal pain
feeling of pelvic fullness or pelvic pressure
persistent peri-pain
frequency, urgency, pain with urination
change in amt, color of lochia, + clots, odor
localized tenderness, redness,warmth, edema in LE
Incision with redness swelling, drainage or separation
What should you educate the patient about r/t infant care?
demo infant care then have parent assist and gradually take over
simple to complex tasks
+ reinforcement
be tactful with suggestions
What should you educate the patient about r/t family care?
prolonged contact with infant helps promote attachment
teach that mom-baby are #1 priority for first 4-6 weeks
relax schedule
enlist help
What are the nursing interventions for c/s pt r/t pain management?
PCA (single dose opioid) PCEpi
assess S/E of meds
What are the nursing interventions for c/s pt r/t RR status?
monitor the rate and insufficiency (ISE)
What are the nursing intervention for c/s pt r/t mobility?
Early, frequent ambulation
TED or SCD until ambulation
(or D/C home)
Abdominal distention
incision care
What should you educate a c/s pt r/t psychological well being?
disappointed if unanticipated
more focus on self due to comfort
watch attachment with infant- provide assistance with infant care and feeding
What are some nursing interventions with BF?
medicate 30min prior to help with after pains and pain
void and stools = adequate intake
What are some nursing interventions with bottle feeding?
snug bra on 24h day until breasts are soft
ice packs for vasoconstriction
pain management
No warm compress, pumping, or massage

Feed infant q3-4hrs
burp q10min or 15mL
How do you prepare formula?
mix powder formula according to package instruction - do not over dilute
Once bottle is offered to inf, use within one hr: do not refeed d/t risk of bacterial growth
ok to open at room temp x4hr
What is important to understand for early discharge?
the education NEEDS to be the same!!
What is important to know about follow up options?
Phone nurse (warm-line)
Home visit (2nd day home)
Office visit 4-6 weeks PP