Social Media Effects On Teens Research Paper

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Jef Jones

Professor Farmer

English 102

9 July 2017

“Like It or Not: An Argumentative on Social Media’s Effect on Teens and Adults”

Of all the inventions created by mankind, the internet is one of the greatest and most utilized. It has single handedly changed the way we do almost anything in this generation from research to communication, even things like entertainment now are almost solely internet based. Many people believe us to live in some sort of futuristic reality, in which all the worlds information is at our fingertips, and we are all constantly connected; there are some people, though, who believe we may be
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There are those who choose to use it for its specific purpose, to communicate with friends via commenting, posting, messaging, etc. There are also those who wish to cut the social part out of the sites, preferring to simply make posts for themselves and lurk through others posts without ever actually communicating anything besides a few thumbs ups. It has been shown that these two separate ways of using SNSs equally separate effects psychologically (Vogel et al …show more content…
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