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The two preferred methods of urine collection are what?

Cytocentesis, catheterization.

A urine sample at room temperature what have what?


What is necessary to transport glucose into body cells?


What bile pigments are detected in urine?

Bilirubin and urobilinogen.

The most common type of cast seen in animals are?

Hyaline cast.

Which epithelial cells are confused with a WBC?

Renal Epithelial Cells

Flea "dirt" is actually

flea excrment

A complete flea lifecycle can be complete in

10-14 days

Can dogs and cats have an infection of pinworms?


What parasitic infection is uncommon in cats?


The most common fecal flotation solution used is?

sodium nitrate

Isospora is also commonly called ?


The most common round worm of dogs is called?

toxocara canis

What is the walking dandruff mite?


Define ectoparasite?

A parasite on the surface of the body.

The most common transmissible pruritic skin disease is?


A urinalysis is divided into three parts which are?

physical, chemical and microscopic

Name some diseases or conditions that occur in oliguria (decrease in urine output)?

Dehydration, shock, fever

What are three things that may alter the SG?

Dehydration, kidney disease and directics.

Bile is stored in the___________, but made in the_________.

gall bladder, liver

What happens without insulin?

Hyperglycemia and spilling of glucose into the urine.

____________ is the bladder worm in dogs and cats?

Capillaria plica

Which cast are seen in large numbers from acute nephritis?

Granular cast and epithelial cast.

Which cast is seen in chronic severe degeneration of the renal tubules?

waxy casta and fatty cast

What crystals strongly associated with ethylene glycol poisoning?

calcium oxalate, monohydrate or dehydrate crystals.

_________maybe be difficult to detect in an unstained sample?



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