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multiple lambs, easy lambers, good milkers, excellent lamb vigor

out of season breeding, heavy milkers, produce more than one lamb per crop year, hardy lambs yield heavy muscled carcasses

size, wool-producing ability, productivity under range conditions

reaches sexual maturity early, ewes have strong maternal instincts, very prolific - producing 2-4 lambs each lambing

very good milking ability, growth and carcass cutability (sheep breed)

the heaviest fleece of the long wool type of breeds

hardy, prolific (sheep breed)

long-lived, rugged breed, will breed out of season, fine wool

prolific, breeds out of season (sheep breed)

prolific, matures early, milks well, heavy muscles, lambs are hardy, fast-growing, and produce lean, well-muscled carcasses

meatiness, high carcass quality, lambs grow rapidly and produce high cutability carcasses

produces meaty carcasses, medium-wool

prolific, good mothers that produce good market lambs and yield heavy, medium-wool fleece with god staple length

meat production with broad chest, strong back rump, and thighs; good size at maturity, kids are capable of gaining 0.4-0.6 pound per day, 200% kidding rate is common, extended breeding seasons, can have 3 kiddings in 2 years

performs well under natural browse conditions, meat production, rapid growth rate, multiple births, early breeding age, good mothering skills with the ability to give birth unassisted, resistance to parasite infection, and soundness in feet.

small, meaty animals that browse well on range conditions, small udders that do not get scratched up by brush and cacti

carcass quality and milking, mothering, and reproductive abilities (cattle breed)

Six Essentials - weight, conformation, milking ability, fertility, hardiness and disposition. No selection is made to characteristics that do not affect the carcass. (cattle breed)

large size with rounded outline, prominent muscles/double muscled, quiet temperament, poor calving ease

heat and insect tolerance (cattle breed)

heat and insect tolerance combined with carcass quality, milking, mothering, and reproductive abilities (cattle breed)

fast growth and lean meat (cattle breed)

very large, noted for their working, mothering and beef producing abilities

general purpose beef breed with good milking abilities

foraging ability, vigor, hardiness, and quiet dispositions (cattle breed)

yield high percentage of lean meat with minimum amount of fat (cattle breed)

dual purpose breed, cows used for milk production and bull calves fed for market

good mothering and milking abilities and good growth rate for calves

double muscled cattle breed

foraging ability, vigor, hardiness, quiet dispositions, polled cattle breed

carcass quality and milking, mothering, and reproductive abilities, red beef breed

production of beef and easy fattening

growth rate, long life, and hardiness (cattle breed)

even-tempered, disease resistant cattle breed with lean, well-marbled and flavorful meat

good disposition, mothering and milking abilities (cattle breed)

easy calving due to adequate pelvic capacity and small calves

longevity, hardiness, strong survival instincts, and resistance to disease and parasites (cattle breed)

fast growth and milking ability (cattle breed)

good mothering swine breed

grow quickly and efficiently (swine breed)

heavy muscled swine breed

lean and heavy muscled swine breed

gains weigh well, known for being an aggressive breeder (swine breed)

produce large litters and are known as the mother breed

very long bodied, good mothers (swine breed)

rapid growth, hardiness, adaptability (cattle breed)

extreme muscle volume and leanness