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What is the mission of the Medical Bn
Direct and General support Medical support to the MEF
Organization of the Medical Bn
H&S Co
3 Surgical Support Co
What are the 6 tasks of the Medical Bn
2nd echelon Health Care
Preventive Medicine Support
A cad mi -Assist in Collection, Analysis, and dissemination of medical intelligence
Me cd ts -Medical Elements for the establishment of Casualty Decontamination and Treatment Stations
Medical Regulating services
S-ms mccs- Medical Support for mgt of Mass Casualties and Combat Stress casualties
What is the mission of Medical Bn H&S Co
C&C, and command support functions for the Medical Bn
What are the 4 tasks of Medical Bn H&S Co
Limited Medical evac
medical dept Personnel
medical Data coordination
What is the mission of the Medical Bn Surgical Supt Co
General Medical support including treatment facilities for med/surg care and temp casualty holding
What are the 6 tasks of the Medical Bn Surg Supt Co
REMEMBER: (tx fac, rec cas, prep evac, LF, P os/n)
Establish medical tx facilites for resuscitative surg, med tx, and
1. Temp hospitalization of casualties
2. Temp holding of casualties of supported forces
Recieve casualties from next echelon in evacuation
Prepare evacuation for higher echelon
Provide and Coordinate evac for Landing force
Provide med support to personnel of other services and nations
What is the mission of the Shock-Trauma Platoon
Direct medical support to the MEF. Collecting, Clearing and evac casualties
What are the 4 tasks of the Shock-Trauma Platoon
Provide and coordinate medevac
Establish and operate clearing stations
Establish medical tx facilities for resuscitative tx
Provide med support to personnel of other services and nations
What is FRSS
Forward Resuscitative Surgery System
It is a highly mobile, quickly erected, modular configuration that provide life saving and surgical capabilities to support and tactical medical situation to support MAGTF ops continuosly with minimum mission duration of 48 hr w/o resupply.
What is BDC
Blood Donor Center
What is CRTS
Casualty Recieving and Treatment ship
What is FMC
Field Medical Card
What is HSAP
Health Service Augmentation Program
What is CSH
Combat Surgical Hospital (Army)
What is TMIP
Theater Medical Information Program