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Define Marine Logistics Group
Composite group of functional components that provides CSS above organic capabilities to the MEF
What is an organization which assigns the means to accomplish assigned tasks in any planned action to responsible commanders.
Task Organization
What is the most significat attribute of MLG
all elements are structured to provide permanently organized sub-elements to support independently deployed battalions, regiments, MEU's, or geographically separated units in garrison
What is the mission of the MLG Command Element (CE)
Provide General and Direct support to the supported elements of the MAGTF
Define Direct Support
Support to a Specific organization
Define General support
Support given to a supported force as a whole
NOT to a specific organization
What are the 6 tasks of the MLG Command Element (CE)
Provide support to sustain the MEF
-Ground supply support
-Overfolw organization / intermediate maintenance support
-Health service support
-general Engineering support
-provide / coordinate - Service support
-provide / coordinate - Transportation (Landing support)
What type Ground Supply support is given by MLG CE
REMEMBER: (Please someone change diapers since diapers bulk water)

-Care in storage
-Bulk Fuel
-Water Supply
What type Overflow Organizational and immediate Maintenance support is given by MLG CE
REMEMBER: (In Class Someone Adjusted Tuning, Time can't repair Most Retro Rated Electronics)
-Rebuilding Overhaul
-Recovery assistance
What type Transportation Support is given by MLG CE
REMEMBER: ( Elevate Landing Port My Airtime is Finished)
-Landing Support
-Port / Terminal operations
-Motor transport
-Air delivery
-Freight / Passenger transportation Support
What type General Engineering Support is given by MLG CE
-Bridging and Rafting
-Demolition / Obstacle removal
-Installations support facillities
What type Health Services Support is given by MLG CE
REMEMBER: (Have Pts Tell Pretty Dr.s How to Date)
-Health Maintenance
-Patient collection / Treatment
-Temp Hospitalization
-Patient regulation / Evacuation
-Disease control
-Hygenic services
-Comprehensive Dental program
What type of Services Support is given by MLG CE-Security
REMEMBER: (Security Postal Dudes Exchange Legal Graves)
-Exchange services
-Graves Registration