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Designs that are too expensive to produce profitably are rejected, no matter how original and creative.
The key disadvantage of the contract system of apparel production is lack of quality control.
Bar codes have become an important factor in the success of Quick Response. Which of the following is the bar code system for automatic identification at retail cash registers?
Determining where the components of a garment will be purchased and/or cut and sewn is known as:
A manufacturer is a producer who handles all phases of a garment's production.
A private label is one that is owned by a manufacturer
Place Product development steps in the correct order: 1-6
forecasting trends and analyzing last selling season/ designing individual garments/ producing samples/ sourcing garment components and in some cases apparel assembly/ grading cutting and sewing garments/ delivering garments to retail locations
Unlike in France, in the USA apparel design cannot be copyrighted.
Stand-alone computerized equipment is now common in most manufacturers' plants. It is known as computer-aided manufacturing or CAM.

Match brands with examples:

National/ retail/ designers/ private label

Levi, Hanes, Reebok/ jcrew, Ann Taylor, Victoria secret/Ralph Lauren, donna Karen/ Arizona, exhilaration, American rag
One advantage of the contractor system for the manufacturer is that large amounts of capital are not required for investment in sewing equipment.
Handles designing, planning, purchasing, cutting, selling and shipping, but not actual sewing operations women's apparel industry
Which statement below is NOT a major apparel industry strategy?
Focusing on more and more lower end budget apparel



A number of high-end garments created and styled for a specific season

a number of garments created and styled for a specific season usually at moderate and budget price points

A manufacturer is a producer who handles all phases of a garment's production.
This business strategy shortens the time for a design to go through the stages from concept to consumer.
Which pattern making method is good for beginning designers?
Flat pattern
Which sample type is used for fitting a garment?
style sample

Define sample types:


This is the first sample produced/ this sample is used to perfect and approve the final fit of a garment/ it is produced in all sizes in which the garment will be sold/ used for promotions/ this sample might not look like the final garment
A style block is a set of pattern pieces that sewn together form the simpliest garment of a particular type
Creative designer usually _______.
develops a new line based on inspiration drawn from any event/person/object
Sloper establishes a company s standard for fit.
What fabric is more challenging to design and produce?
Fabrics with large print
The cost of a fabric usually constitute about ____ % of a total garment cost.
Which of the following is not a responsibility of a creative designer in a large company?
A different marker is created for each size a garment will be cut in
Women s apparel industry has not yet adopted standard clothing sizes.
Major factors that contribute to the wholesale price of a garment include

a. Quality of materials used b. Quality of workmanship c. Amount and type of labor required

All of the above

Which of the following are developments in special sizes apparel sales?
a. Manufacturers of regular sizes are offering lines designed for larger- and smaller-sized women b. Some department stores have gone into special-sizes retailing c. Large size clothes are now being fashionably styled d. Pregnant working women have created increased demand for maternity apparel e. All of the above
Bridge/better/designer signature/contemporary/moderate
the price zone between designer and better categories/typically sold in department stores/the highest price zone/ typically used by designers who are establishing their names/typically sold in chain stores, can be found in department stores as lower end merchandise
According to text, large apparel businesses have always been more successful than small apparel businesses.
Some manufacturers have started to retail their clothing because
They want greater control over selling, service, space, and presentation
Which of the following does NOT contribute to the increased competition in apparel and retail industries?
Cooperative advertising
The process of producing apparel is different depending on the company size.
Which of the following is NOT used to classify women's apparel?
Country of orgin
The six divisions of the women's apparel industry based on price of merchandise are called
Budget, Moderate, Better, Bridge, Contemporary, Designer