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What is the primary function of the AH-1W Cobra?

What is the crew?
-Primary function: Attack helicopter
-Crew: 2 officers
What is the armament of the AH-1W Cobra?
-20mm turreted cannon with 750 rounds
-four external wing stations that can fire 2.75" or 5.0" rockets, Precision guided missiles including TOW/Hellfire (point target/anti-armor), Sidewinder (anit-air), and Side Arm (anit-radar)
What are the missions of the AH-1W Cobra?
-Point and limited area air defense from enemy FIXED wing air crafts.
-Armed escort
-Point target/anti-armor

-SUPPORTING ARMS control and coordination.
-FIRE SUPPORT and security for forward and rear area forces
What is the primary function of the CH 46E Sea Knight?

What is the crew?
-Primary function: Medium lift assault support helicopter

-Crew: 4-pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, 1st mechanical/aerial gunner
How much internal/external load can a CH-46 E Sea Knight hold?
-Cargo: 2,000-4,000 pounds internal or external load
How many passengers does the CH 46E Sea Knight hold (payload)?

During medical evacuation, how many patients does the CH-46E hold?
-9-16 passenger/combat troops.

-Medical evacuation: 15 litters and 2 attendants
Related to the mission of the CH 46E Sea Knight, what are some additional tasks?

-Evacuation operations
-Medical evacuation.
-Special operations
-Search and rescue
-Support for mobile forward refueling and rearming points,
What is the mission of the CH 46E Sea Knight?

What is the primary function? What is the secondary function?
--To provide all weather, day/night, night vision goggle (NVG) assault TRANSPORT OF COMBAT TROOPS, SUPPLIES, and EQUIPMENT during sea and shore operations.

-TROOPS is the PRIMARY FUNCTION and movement of supplies and equipment is SECCONDARY
When was the CH 46E Sea Knight first procured?
During what war?
How many of these aircrafts were bought?
-To meet medium lift requirements of the Marine Corps
-600 aircrafts.
What is the primary function of the CH 53D Sea Stallion?
What is the Crew?
-Transportation of equipment and supplies during the ship to shore movement of an amphibious assault and during operations ashore.

Crew of 4; pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, 1st mechanic/aerial gunner
What is the armament of the CH 53D Sea Stallion and CH-53 E Super Sea Stallion?
-Two XM-218 .50 cal Machine guns
The CH-53D Sea Stallion is capable of both ________ and _______ transportation of supplies.
________ compatible and capable of operations in adverse weather both _____ and ______.
-Capable of both internal and external transportation of supplies.

-day and night.
The CH-53D Sea Stallion is capable of lifting how many tons?
-7 tons
What is the mission of the CH 53D Sea Stallion?
-Medium lift helicopter
-Transportation of equipment, supplies, personnel during the assault phase of amphibious operations and operations ashore.
What is the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion compatable with?
What are they routinely carried on?
-Compatible with most amphibious class ships
-Routinely aboard LHA (Landing Helicopter Assault), and LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) ships.
What are some features and improvements of the CH 53D Sea Stallion?
-Twin engine helicopter
-Capable of lifting 7 TONS.

-Improvements include;
-Elastometric rotor heads
-External range extension fuel tanks
-Crash worthy fuel cells
-ARC 210 radios, integrated GPS
-Defensive electronic countermeasure equipment
The CH-53D Sea Stallion and CH 53E Super Sea Stallion are capable of holding how many passengers?
-37 with normal configuation and 55 with centerline seats installed.
How much is the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion capable of lifting? For what distance?
What is a typical payload?
-16 tons at sea level, transporting the load 50 nautical miles and returning.
-Typical load is 16,000 lb M198 Howitzer or a 26,000 lb Light Armored Vehicle.
What is the primary function of the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion?

What is the crew?
-Transportation of heavy equipment and supplies during ship to shore movement of an amphib assault and shore operations.

Crew of 4; pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, 1st mechanical/aerial gunner
What is the range capablitiy of the CH 53 E Super Sea Stallion?
-Equipped with a refueling probe for in flight refueling giving the helicopter indefinite range.
What is the mission of the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion?
-Marine Corps Heavy lift helicopter designed for transportation of materials and supplies.
What are some features and improvements of the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion?
-3rd engine giving the aircraft the ability to lift a majority of the Fleet Marine Forces equipment.
-Improved main and tail rotor blades
-Dual Point System (Can carry external loads at increased air speeds)
-Night vision and infared
What is the payload of the CH 53E Super Sea Stallion and CH-53 D Sea Stallion?
-37 passengers
-55 passengers with centerline seats installed
What is the primary function and crew of the UH-1N Huey?
Primary Function: Utility Helicopter
Crew: 2 officers, 2 enlisted
What is the armament of the UH 1N Huey?
-M 240 7.62mm machine gun
-GAU-16 .50 cal machine gun
-GAU-17 7.62mm machine gun
-GAU 2B/A can be CONTROLLED BY THE PILOT in the fixed forward firing mode.
-2, 7 shot or 19 shot 2.75" rocket pods
What are the missions of the UH 1N Huey? CCMS-FS
-Command and control
-Combat assault
-Medical evacuation
-Special operations

-Fire support and security for forward and rear area forces
-Supporting arms control and coordination
What are some features of the UH 1N Huey
-Twin piloted, twin engine helicopter used in command and control
-Medical evacuation for up to 6 litter patients and one medical attendant
-External cargo
-Search and rescue using rescue hoist
-Recon and recon support.
-Night time capablities with 2nd Generation navigation thermal infrared system
What is the casualty payload for the UH 1N Huey during medical evacuations?
-6 litter patients and one medical attendant
What catagory of aircraft is the MV-22B Osprey? What aircrafts is it replacing?
-Medium lift helicopters
-Replacing the CH 46E and CH 53D
What is the primary function of the MV-22B Osprey?

What is the mission of the MV-22B Osprey?
Primary Function: Amphibious assault transport of troops, equipment and supplies from assault ships and land bases

Mission: Marine Corps Assault Support
What are some features/description of the MV-22B Osprey?
-Multi-engine, Dual piloted, Self-deployable, Medium lift, vertical take off and landing (VTOL) Tilt rotor aircraft.

-Designed for Combat, Combat support, Combat service support, and Special operations missions.
What are the variants of the MV-22B Osprey for other branches of the military?
-CV-22 for Airforce and SOCOM for SPECIAL OPERATIONS missions. Same as Marine Corps.

-HV-22 for NAVY for Search and Rescue and fleet logistics support.
What apects of the Military will the MV-22B Osprey be deployed to?
-Currently in Low Rate Initial Production

-MV-22s will be deployed to;
-Marine Corps Medium Lift Active Duty and Reserve tactical squadrons
-Medium Lift TRAINING Squadron (FRS)
What is the planned inventory of the MV-22B Osprey?
-350 MV 22's (USMC)
-50 CV-22 (USAF)
-48 HV-22's (USN)
What is the primary function and crew of the EA-6B Prowler?
-Airborne electronic warfare (EW) support to Fleet Marine Forces.
To include; electronic attack (EA)
-Electronic support (ES)
-Electronic protection (EP)
-High Speed Anit Radiatin Missiles (HARM)

Crew: 4
What is the armament of the EA-6B Prowler?
-ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System (TJS)
-USQ-113 Communications JAMMER
-High Speed Anti Radiation Missiles (HARM)
What sensors does the EA-6B Prowler use?
-ALQ-99 On-board System (OBS)
-USQ-113 Communications RECEIVER
What are the missions of the EA-6B Prowler?
-ALQ 99 OBS (on board System-SENSOR) is used to collect Electronic order of battle (EOB) data which can be recorded and processed after missions to provide updates to various orders of battle.
-ALQ-99 TJS (Tactical Jamming System-ARMAMENT) is used to provide active radar jamming support to assault troops and attack aircraft, as well as ground units.
-Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) capability is available with the employment of HARM (High Speed Anti Radiation Missiles ARMAMENT)
-The USQ-113 Communications Jammer (ARMAMENT) can detect and jam a wide range of communication frequencies to further degrade air defenses and ground unit's capability.
What are some features of the EA-6B Prowler?
-Marine Prowlers provide POST MISSION ANALYSIS for the Tactical Electronic Reconaissance Processing and Evaluiation System (TERPES).
-TERPES provides Electronic Order of Battle for MAGTF mission planning
-Provides post mission analysis of jamming and HARM employment for reporting, assessing and STORING MISSION DATA.
What is the range of the Av-8B Harrier?
Where can the AV-8B Harriers operate from?
-In-flight refueling with indefinite range

-Carriers, expeditionary air fields, and remote tactical landing sites
What is the AV-8B Harrier designed to replace?
Who long has there been a demand for VTOL light attack aircrafts?
AV-8A and the A-4M light attack aircrafts
-Since the late '50's
What is the primary function and crew of the V-8B Harrier II?
Primary Function: Attack and destroy surface targets under day and night visual conditions.

Crew: 1
What is the armament of the V-8B Harrier II?
-7 external store stations comprising 6 wing stations for;

-Assortment of air to ground weapons
-External fuel tanks
-Centerline; 25 mm 6 barrel gun pod and ammunition pod can be mounted either side of the centerline with 300 round capacity with a lead computing optical sight system (LCOSS) gunsight.
What are the missions of the V-8B Harrier II?
-Attack and destroy surface and air targets.
-Escort helicopters
-Conduct other such operations as may be directed.

Specific tasks include:
-CLOSE air support
-DEEP air support to include armed reconaissance and air interdiction

OFFENSIVE and defensive anit-air warfare. This includes;
-Combat air patrolling
-Armed escort missions
-Offensive missions against enemy ground-to-air defense
-Operate and deliver ordinance at night and operate under instrument flight conditions
What are some features of the V-8B Harrier II?
-Mobility, flexibility, responsiveness, and reduced operating cost both afloat and ashore.

-Well suited to the special combat and expeditionary requirements of the Marine Corps.

-Features APG-65 radar common to the F/A 18.
What is the primary function of the KC130F/R/T Hercules?
Primary Function: In flight refueling; tactical transport
What is the crew of the KC-130 F/R/T Hercules?
Crew of 6
-2 pilots
-1 navigator/system operator
-1 engineer
-1 mechanic
-1-2 load masters
What are the mission of the KC130F/R/T Hercules?
-IN FLIGHT REFUELING for both tactical aircrafts and helicopters as well as RAPID GROUND REFUELING as required.
-Ariel DELIVERY OF TROOPS AND CARGO, emergency resupply into unimproved landing zones.
-Airborne Direct Air Support Center
-Evacuation missions
-Special operations support
What are some features of the KC130F/R/T Hercules?
-removable 3600 gallon stainless steel tank carries inside the cargo comaprtment providing additional fuel when required.
-Two wing mouted refueling pods each transfer up to 300 gallons per minute to two aircrafts simutaneously allowing for rapid cycle times of mulit receiver aircraft formations (typical tanker formation is 4 aircrafts in less than 30 minutes).
-Some KC130's are equipped with defensive electronic and countermeasure systems.

-Development is currently under way for interior/exterior night vision lighting, night vission heads up display, GPS, and jam resistant radios.
What is the primary function and crew of the F-18A/B/C Hornet?
Primary Function: Intecept and destroy enemy aircraft under all-weather conditions and attack and destroy surface targets.

Crew: 1
What is the armament of the F-18A/B/C Hornet?
-9 external wing stations
-comprising 2 wingtip stations for an assortment of air to air and air-to-ground weapons including;

-Two inboard wing stations for;

-external fuel tanks and air-to-ground stations
-Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) pods

-and a center station for;
-Fuel tanks or air to ground wepaons

-Air to ground weapons include all GBU series bombs.

-An M61 20mm six barrel gun is mouted on the nose and has a McDonnell Douglas director gunsight.
Where is the F-18 A/B/C AND D capable of operating from?
What is the range capablility?
-Carriers, advanced bases, and expeditionary airfields.
-Be able to deploy or conduct extended range ops employing aerial refueling.
What is the mission of the F-18A/B/C Hornet?
-Intercept and destroy enemy aircraft under all weather conditions.

-Conduct day and night CLOSE AIR SUPPORT under all weather conditions

-Conduct day and night precision DEEP AIR SUPPORT, under all weather.
Deep air support consists of
-Radar search and attack
-Strikes against enemy installations.
-Conduct day and night suppression of enemy air defense (SEAD)
What are some major differences between the F 18 A/B/C and the F18D?
-F18D has two pilot vice one for the F18A/B/C.
-The F18 D elaborate are destroying surface targets with:
-MK 80 general purpose bombs
-Cluster bombs
What are some features of the F-18A/B/C Hornet?
-Can be quickly configured for perform either fighter or attack missions, or both, thus providing MAGTF commanders more flexibility in a rapidly changing scenario.
-Land based from prepared airfields, can operate from Expeditionary air fields (EAF) or sea based from carriers.
What is the primary function of the F-18D Hornet?
What is the crew?
-Attack and destroy surface targets, day or night, under all weather conditions
-Conduct multi sensor imagry reconaissance
-Provide supporting arms coordination
-Intercept and destroy enemy aircraft under all weather conditions.

Crew: 2
What is the armament of the F-18D Hornet?
-9 external wing stations, comprising 2 wingtip stations for:

-2 outboard wing stations for an assortment of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons including;

Two inboard wing stations for external fuel tanks or air-to-ground stations

Two nicelle fuselage stations for:
-AS/AAS-38 Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) pods

Center station for fuel tank or air to ground weapons such as:
-GBU lazer guided bombs
-Mk80 series general purpose bombs
-Cluster bombs.

An M61 20mm six-barrel gun is mounted on the nose as has a McDonnell Douglas director gunsight.
What class of ship is the LHA?
-Tarawa class
What are the missions of the F-18D Hornet?
- DEEP air support consisting of:
-Radar search and attack

-Conduct MULTI SENSORY IMAGRY RECONAISSANCE to include pre-strike and post-strike target damage assessment and visual reconaissance.

Supporting arms coordination to include:
-Forward air control
-Tactical air coordination and ARTILLERY/NAVAL GUNFIRE SPOTTING.

-Intercept and DESTROY ENEMY AIRCRAFTS in conjuction with ground and airborne fighter direction.
-Conduct armed escort of friendly aircraft.
What does the Marine Corps use the F-18D Hornet for? What does the NAVY use the F-18D Hornet for? (Features)
-Marine Corps uses F18D as a tactical strike aircraft, NAVY uses F18D as trainer.
What class of ship is the LHD?
-Wasp class
The LHA ships serve as the centerpiece of what?
How many personnel does this consist of?
-Mulit ship Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG).

-3,000 Sailors and Marines and approximately 5,000 personnell.
What is the primary mission of the LHA (Landing Helicopter Assault)?
-Primary war fighting mission of the LHA-1 Tarawa class is to land and sustain United States Marines on any shore during hostilities.
-These ships serve as the centerpiece of a mulit ship Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG).
-Some 3,000 Sailors and Marines contribute to a forward-deployed ARG comprised of approximately 5,000 personnell.
What class of ship is the largest amphibious ship in the world?
-Wasp class (LHD)
What is the largest amphibious ship in the world
What class of ship is the improved follow on the 5 Tarawa Class Ship of LHA's?

What are the improvements?
What are the similarities?
-Wasp Class LHD

-Enhanced well deck, enabling it to carry 2 more LCACs
-Enhanced flight deck and elevator scheme, enabling it to carry 2 more helicopters.

-They have the same hull and engineering plant
What ship is the Harpers Ferry (Cargo Variant)?
The LPD Austin Class Combines the function of 3 different classes of ships. What are they?
-LSD; Landing ship
-LST; The tank landing ship
-LKA; Attack cargo ship
What is the primary function of the LPD 4 Austin Class?
-The Amphibious Trasport Dock is used to transport and land Marines, their equipment and supplies by embarking landing craft and vehicles augmented by helicopters in amphibious assault.
-Configured as a FLAG SHIP, providing command, control, and communications facilities to support Amphibious Task Force Commander and Landing Force Commander.
-Primary CONTROL SHIP responsible for coordinating boat waves and vectoring landing crafts to the beach.
What two ships can be configured as Primary Control ships during amphibious assault?
-LPD-4 Austin Class
-LSD-Harpers Ferry Cargo Variant
What is the primary mission of the LSD?
-Primary Mission of the Harpers Ferry (Cargo Variant) ship is to dock, transport, and launch the Navy's Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) vessels and other amphibious crafts into potential trouble spots around the world.
-Also has capacity to act as PRIMARY CONTROL SHIP during Amphibious Assault.
What is the description of the LCAC?
How much weight is the LCAC capable of carrying? Example?
-LCAC is a high speed, over-the-beach fully ambphibious landing craft
capable of carrying a 60-75 ton payload.
-M1A1 tank
What two ships in the book carry the LCAC?
-LSD Harpers Ferry Cargo Variant
What class of ship is the LPD?
What does LPD stand for?
-Austin Class
-Amphibious Transport Dock
What are the two missions of the T-AH Sealift?
-First, to provide rapidly responsive afloat medical care in support of the Amphibious Task Force (ATF) and to all branches of the military.
Second; Full service hospital asset for use by other governments in support of natural disaster relief and humanitarian operations.
Where does the LCAC operate from?
What is the advantage of the LCAC?
-Capable of operating from existing and planned well deck ships.

-Advantage: payload and speed means more forces reach the shore in a shorter time, with shorter intervals between trips
What does LCAC stand for?
What is the primary mission of the LCAC?
-Landing Craft, Air Cushion
-Tranport weapons systems, equipment, cargo, and personnel of the assault element of the MAGTF both from ship to shore and across the beach.
What is the mission of the T-AH?

How is this accomplished?
-Minimize the effect of wounds, injury, and disease on unit effectiveness, readiness, and morale.

-Accomplished by: Proactive Preventive Medicine Program and a PHASED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM (echelon of care)
How much cargo does the T-AK (Cpl Louis J Hauge Jr.) Class of ship hold?

What are some its capabilities?
-Enough cargo to support the MAGTF for 30 days

-Lift of/Lift off capabilites
-Roll on/roll off capabilites
-Certified to land CH-53E's
-Break bulk cargo capacity used for carrying general cargo.
What is the T-AH (sealift)?
Who Command controls this ship?
-Two hospital ships: Mercy and Comfort
-Operated by Military Sealift Command
What class of ship is the T-AK Sealift?
How many ships are there?
-Cpl. Lois J. Hauge Jr. class
-5 ships
Where are T-AK (Cpl Louis J Hauge Jr.) ships pre-positioned?
What is this type of ship known as and how many are there?
What are they specially configured to do?
When were these ships built or modified?
Where are these ships on location at?
-Diego Garcia
-Maritime Prepositioning Force
-transport supplies for the US Marine Corps
-mid 1980's
-Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Mediterranian
What is the differences between war and MOOTW (Military Operations other than War):
-War; leadership decides to conduct large scale, sustained combat operations to achieve national objectives or protect national interest. Goal is to win as quickly as possible with as few casualties as possible.

MOOTW; focus on DETERRING WAR, resolving conflict, promoting peace, and supporting civil authorities in response to domestic crisis. PREVENTIVE MEASURE. Rules of engagement are different than war.
14 examples of MOOTW: SACS-PEN-MEN-HEP
-Show of force operations
-Arms control
-Combating terrorism
-Strikes and raids

-Protection of shipping
-Ensuring freedom of navigation and oversight
-Nation assistance/support to counterinsugency

-Military support to civil authorities
-Enforcing exclusion zones
-Noncombatant evaucation operations

-Humanitarian assistance
-Enforcement of sanctions/maritime intercept operations
-Peace operations
Explain Arms Control;

-Verifying an arms control treaty
-Seizing WMD
-Escorting authorized deliveries of weapon
-Disposing of weapons and hazardous materials.
Explain combating terrorism:
-Oppose terrorism from wherever the threat.
-Include antiterrorsim (defensive measures) and counterterrorism (offensive measures)
-Assistance is provided to foreign countries
-DOS (Department of Special Operations) is lead agency for outside the US.
-DOJ (Department of Justice) is lead agency for inside the US
-DOT (Department of Transportation) is lead agency aboard aircrafts.
Explain "Enforcemment of Sanctions/Maritime Intercept operations"?
-Regulate the movement of certain designated items in and out of a nation or specific area.
-Operation is both political and military. Political; compel a country or group to conform to the objective. Military; establish a barrier which is selective, allowing only authorized goods to enter and exit.
Explain "Enforcing Exclusion Zones".
-PROHIBITS ACTIVITY in a specific geographical location
-Can be air (no fly zones), sea (maritime) or land
-Usually imposed by the UN; but may be imposed by the US.
-Cause is breach of international law or human rights.
Give 2 examples of Enforcing Exclusion Zones:
- Operation Southern watch in Iraq in 1992
- Deny Flight in Bosnia in 1993
Explain "Ensuring Freedom of Navigation and Overflight"
-Conducted to demonstrate international rights to navigate sea and air routes.

-Example of freedom of overflight is Berlin air corridors from 1948 to 1990, allowing air access to West Berlin
Explain "Humanitarian Assistance"
-Relieve or reduce the result of natural or manmade disasters or other conditions such as human pain, hunger, dieases.
-HA is generally limited in scope and duration and supplements the host nation.
-Undersecretary of Defense and Policy has the overall responsibility for developing the military policy for HA.
Give three example of HA operations:
-Operation Sea Angel I in 1991
-Operation Sea Angel II in 1992
-aftermath in Bangledesh
Explain military support to civil authorities:
-Provide temporary support to civil authorities.
-Examples: temporary augmentation of air traffic control, postal workers during strike, aftermath of riots, protection of life and federal property, providing relief in aftermath of natural disaster
Explain "National assistance/support to counterinsurgency"
-Military assistance rendered to a nation by US forces
-Goal is to promote long term regional stability
-Integrated through US Ambassadors Country Plan
-Security assistance refers to programs provided that give training, supplies, other defense related services through loan, credit, or cash sales.
-Provide combat systems (weapons and equipment)
Explain "Noncombatant evacuation operations".
-Relocated threatened noncombatants from a foreign country.
-Mostly to evacuate US citizens but citizen from HN as well as citizens from other countries may be evacuted.
-Commanders plan for the possibility of opposition and a combat operation.
-Similar to a raid with swift insertion of a force, temporary occupation of objective, and ends with a planned withdrawl.
-DOS (Department of Special Operations) is responsible.
-US ambassador or Chief of Diplomatic Missions is responsible for preparation of Emergency Action Plan.
-May be directed without warning, and with uncertainty because of sudden change in a countries government, change in political relationship with government, a sudden threat to US citizens, or a natural disaster.
Explain "Peace Operations":
-Operation to support diplomatic efforts to reach a long term political settlement
-Necessary to secure a negotiating truce or resolve a conflict.
-Additional types of MOOTW may compliment a PO such as HA or NEO
Explain "Protection of Shipping"
-Provide protection US flag vessels, protection of US citizens (embarked in Us or foreign vessels), and their property against unlawful violence in and over international waters.
-Protection of shipping includes: coastal sea control, harbor defense, port security, counter mine operations, and environmental defense, in addition to operations on the high seas.
-Have potential to grave damage of natural resources, the economy, and military operations
Give an example of "Protection of Shipping"
-Operation EARNEST WELL, the re-flagging of Kuwait ships in 1987
Explain "Recovery Operations":
-Conducted to search for, locate, identify, rescue, and return personnel and human remains, sensitive equipment, and items critical to national secuirty.
Give an example of "Recovery Operations":
-OPERATION FULL ACCOUNTING conducted to account for and recover the remains of service members lost during the Vietnam War.
Give an example of "Recovery Operations":
-OPERATION FULL ACCOUNTING conducted to account for and recover the remains of service members lost during the Vietnam War.
Explain "Show of Force Operations":
-Involve increased visibility of US deployed forces in an attempt to defuse a specific situation, that if allowed to continue may be detrimental to US interests and national objectives.
-Can influence other governments to respect US interests as well as international law.
Give an example of "Show of Force operations":
-OPERATIONS JTF-PHILIPPINES conducted by US forces in 1989 in support of President Aquino during a coup attemp against the Philippine governent.
Explain "Strikes and Raids"
-Strikes are offensive operations conducted to inflict damage on, seize, or destroy an objective for political purposes
-Used for punishing offending nations or groups, upholding international law, or preventing those nations or groups from launching their own offensive actions.

-Raids is usually a small scale operation involving swift penetration of hostile territory to secure information, confuse the enemy, or destroy installations. It ends with a planned withdraw upon completion.
Give an example of a "Strike":
-OPERATION URGENT FURY, conducted on the island of Grenada in 1983.
Give an example of a "raid":
-Operaton EL DORADO CANYON; conducted against Libya in 1986, in response to a terrorist bombing against the US in Berlin.
Explain the history of Military Operation on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) and the military and political significance.
-Military planners view cities as centers of gravity, something either protected or taken away.
-Urbanized areas are significant sources of future conflict because they are where;
-radical ideas ferment
-groups find allies
-mixtures of people cause ethnic conflict
-groups receive media attention.
-Access to radio and television give groups the ability to influence public opinion and attain their political goals.
Explain the Marine Corps role in Urbanized Warfare:
-Marine Corps is the nations force in readiness, forward deployed with expeditionary forces, so they must be prepared to fight in a Urbanized environment.
-Task organized and combined arms aspect makes Marines well suited for urbanized warfare.
-Since WWII, Marine forces have employed military forces more than 200 times; 4 out of 5 involved Naval forces with Marines embarked in amphibious operations. The reason this is so successful is: availability and adaptivity. Availability is loiter time of forward deployed forces; Adaptability comes from MAGTFS ability to support a variety of mission
What are the 4 examples of MOUT?
-Stalingrad (1942-1943)
-Berlin (1945)
-Seoul (1950)
-Quang Tri I and II (1972)
Discuss Stalingrad:
-Soviet defense of Stalingrad against attacking Germans
-Involved large forces and resulted in innovative urban combat techniques and the CREATION OF STORM GROUPS (task organized assault units)
-Length of battle:greater than 30 days
-Casualties: 1,630,000
Discuss Berlin:
-Soviet offensive to seize German capital city
-Last battle of WWII in Europe
-Defense was not coordinated well due to poor planning on the Germans.
-Length of battle: 14-30 days
-Casualties: estimated in the thousands
Discuss Seoul:
-US and Republic of Korea recaptured the South Korea capital from the North Koreans.
-largely centered on seizing of street barricades rather than buildings.
-Length of battle: 6-13 days
-Casualties: Marines: 2,383, others estimated in the thousands
Discuss Quang Tri I and II:
-Objective of North Vietnamese was capture of Quang Tri, the north-most major city of South Vietnam.
-Qunang Tri I: NVA overwhelmed the Army, Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)
-Quang Tri II: City was recaptured by ARVN using extensive artillery and air support.
-Major urban battle of the Vietnam War.
-Length of Battle Quang Tri I: 6-13 days, Quang Tri II: 30 days or greater.
-Casualties: 30,000+
What effect to noncombatants have on urban warfare?
-MOBILITY: civilians attempting to escape can block military movement

-OBSTACLES: Presence of civilians will influence MAGTF commanders obstacle plan. The use of mines and booby traps are regulated

-FIREPOWER: civilians can restrict the use of fire power. Areas may be designated as no fire areas. Implementation of positive target identification MAGTF commanders give detailed guidance. Without command, the general rule of the law of land warfar applies.

-SECURITY: Presence of civilians increases security requirements; Noncombatants entering defensive areas, sabotage and terrorism.
Discuss the principles of Operational Maneuver from the Sea:
-Focuses on a operational objective.
-Uses the sea as maneuver space
-Generated overwhelming tempo and momentum
-Pits strength against weakness
-Integrated all organic, joint, and combined assets
-Emphasizes intelligence, deceptions, and flexibility.
What 3 basic types of HA operations does the US participate in?
-Coordinated by the UN
-US participates with other multinational forces
-US acts alone.