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How many cc of air do term newborns need with each respiration?
10-25 mL
True or False: Healthy newborns may take 10+ minutes for oxygen saturaiton to reach 90+%
True or False: When giving free flow oxygen: Hold the Flow-inflating bag or T piece snuggly against the babys face.
False: hold it loosely to avoid giving cpap
At what pressure should you start PPV at?
20 cm H2O
Where is the most common place for air air leak in an infant mask?
Between the cheek and the bridge of the nose.
What is MR SOPA used for?
To troubleshoot when ventilation does not raise the HR and Sp02
What does the M in MR SOPA stand for?
mask adjustment
What does the R in MR SOPA stand for?
reposition airway
What does the S in MR SOPA stand for?
What does the O in MR SOPA stand for?
open mouth
What does the P in MR SOPA stand for?
pressure increase
What does the A in MR SOPA stand for?
airway alternative
What size orogastic tube should be used when resuscitating a newborn, as an air vent?
True or False: The single most important and most effective step in neonatal resuscitation is stimulating the newborn.
False: It is ventilating the lungs
Free flow oxygen can be delivered reliably through the mask attached to a:CATA
a) flow-inflating bag
b) self-inflating bag
c) T-piece resuscitator
a) flow-inflating bag
c) T-piece resuscitator
You should hold the resuscitation device so that you can see the newborns:
a) face and chest
b) face and abdomen
c) chest and abdomen
d) neck and abdomen
c) chest and abdomen
When you are testing a self-inflating bag, the pop-off value keeps getting activated. You know the pressure must be set at ____ and is (too high/too low/just right).
30-40mmHg and too high!!!
To regulate the pressure of the oxygen going to the baby with a flow-nflating bag, you may adjust either the flowmeter on the wall or the (flow-control valve/pressure gauge).
flow-controle valve
The maximum circuit, peake inspiratory pressure(PIP) and Positive end-expiratory pressure(PEEP) need to be set prior to using what type of mask?
a) T-peice resuscitator
b) free-flow resuscitator
c) self-inflating resuscitator
a) T-piece resuscitator