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Attemps at intubation should not last longer than ___ seconds.
What is the correct position to put the baby's head for intubation?
Sniffing position
What hand is the laryngoscope held in for both left and right handed people?
The left hand
When suctioning meconium, how long do you apply suction for?
3-5 seconds
True or False: If no meconium is recovered after the first pass, make a second pass, advancing the suction catheter slightly further.
False: Make only one "dry" attempt.
If meconium is suctioned out, is a second pass made?
Yes! Remember that the ET tube is withdrawn as suction is turned on, so to suction again, another meconium aspiration ET tube must be first inserted.
What are the 2 primary methods for determining if the ET tube is in the correct place?
Color change on the CO2 detector and an increase in HR
What is the formula for determining the "tip-to-lip" length of the ET tube?
Add 6 to the baby's weight in kg.
What does it mean if breath sounds are lounder in one lung than the other after inserting and ET tube?
That the tube is in too far, and must be pulled back.
The tip of the ET tube should rest slightly below the
a) glottis
b) nipples
c) clavicals
d) xiphoid process
c) clavicals
Cricoid pressure can help bring the ___ into view.
a) glottis
b) epiglottis
c) vocal cords
d) trachea
a) glottis
True or False: Sterile technique is used when intubating an infant.
False: clean technique is used
True or False: If you hear grunting or crying after a laryngeal mask airway is inserted, this indicates that the mask does not have a good seal.
False: You will hear crying and grunting with this type of mas.
How big must a baby be in order to be able to use a laryngeal mask?
a) 1000-1200 grams
b) 1200-1500 grams
c) 1500-2000 grams
d) 2000-2500 grams
c)1500-2000 grams
How much air is injected into the port on the laryngeal mask to secure the mask in the airway?
What should you do prior to removing a laryngeal mask airway?
Suction the mouth to prevent flooding of collected secretions once the mask is removed
A baby must be at least ___weeks or old to be able to use a laryngeal mask airway.
True or False: You have the glottis in view, but the vocal cords are closed. You should apply gentle pressure to open the vocal cords.
False: You should wait until the are open, as pushing them open can cause spasm
The vocal cord guide and tip-to-lip, are two guides to what?
How far to insert the ET tube.
After inserting the ET tube, the stomach is now inflating with air. This means that the ET tube is in the
a) mouth
b) stomach
c) trachea
d) esophagus
d) esophagus
A baby is born at term following abruption of the placenta and is not improving despite PPV by mask. You have tried to intubate the trachea and have been unsuccessful. Help has not yet arrived. A reasonable next step would be to___.
Insert a laryngeal mask airway.