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Why would a towel roll be placed under and infants
To help maintain the sniffing
head position.
True or False: ET suctioning is performed in all meconium stained babies.
False: If the baby has a vigourous cry and a good HR, suctioning is not performed.
What size suction catheters are used for the ET suctioning of a meconium stained baby?
12F or 14F
What is the suctioning set at for routine suctioning?
100 mmHg
In what order is the nose and mouth suctioned and why?
The mouth first, to prevent contents from being aspirated into the lungs if the baby should inhale quickly while the nose is being suctioned.
What can happen during vigorous suctioning?
A vagal response with bradycardia and apnea
True or False: The presence of acrocyanosis is an indicator of a decrease in oxygen to vital organs.
False: This in itself is NOT a true indicator.
What does pulse ox's measure use to measure the oxygen saturation?
The color of the blood compared to known standards.
What part of the cell is oxygen carried on?
The hemoglobin
What is the hypothenar eminence?
The part of the hand that the pulse ox is attached to.
What 3 factors determine if a baby is "vigorous"?
breathing, tone and HR greater than 100