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What percentage of newborns require some assistance to being breathing at birth?
True or False: All newborns are dry stimulated to breath
at birth.
What percentage of newborns require extensive resuscitation to survive?
True or False:Blood flow to the fetal lungs is not important for fetal oxygenation and acid-base balance.
Are fetal air sacs collapsed or expanded?
What are fetal air sacs filled with?
Fetal lungs are (diilated/constricted)?
Why are fetal lungs constricted?
Due to the low partial pressure of oxygen
What is PO2?
Partial pressure of oxygen
How does clamping the umbilical cord effect system blood pressyre?
It increases
What does crying and deep breathing function to do in the newborn?
Removed fluid from the airway
What does full closure of the ductus arteriosus occur?
Within 12-24 hours of birth.
What does PPHN stand for?
Persistanct pulmonary hypertension of the newborn
What is PPHN?
What the pulmonary arteries remain constricted after birth, increasing pulmonary artery pressure.
Does PPHN cause increased or decreased blood flow to the lungs?
How is Primary Apnea fixed?
With stimulation
How is Secondary Apnea fixed?
With PPV
Does blood pressure usually rise or drop with secondary apnea?
Blood pressure usually drops.
Under what circumstances is baby given to mom right after birth?
If baby is term, has good tone, is breathing/crying.
What are the first 3 things you do if the baby is not acting right?
Position it under warmer, position head to open airway, and dry stimulate.
If baby has HR <____, or secondary apnea, you should initiate_____.
For a HR < 100, initate PPV
How often should you re-evaluate baby to pass from stage to stage of resuscitatoin?
30 seconds
For a HR <60, what should you do?
Start chest comressions.
What is ET intubaton recommended?
If chest compressions have to be started.
After performing chest compression and intubation, a pause is made of a HR check and the HR is 58. What doe you do next?
Administer epinephrine.
What concentration of epinephrine do you use for resuscitation?
You have been performing chest compressions and bagging baby. You check the HR and it is 65. What do you do next?
a) continue chest compressions and bagging
b) continue chest compressions only
c) continue bagging only
c) continue bagging only
You are giving PPV and the HR is 85. What do you do?
Continue PP
When the HR is greater than ___, you can discontinue PPV.
a) 58
b) 60
c) 80
d) 100
e) 120
d) 100
The primary action of neonatal resuscitation is to ventilate the:
a) heart
b) lungs
c) brain
d) vital organs
b) lungs: Once this is accomplished the HR, BP and pulmonary blood flow will improve spontaneously
What is the "Golden minute" and what happens when it is up.
The minute during which if stimulation is not successful, PPV should be started.
Is the apgar score used to determine the need for resuscitation?
At what times are Apgar scores assigned?
1 and 5 minutes after birth
An apgar score less than __ means that apgar scoring needs to continue every 5 minutes.
Are apgar scores good predictors of outcome?
True or False: Suctioning after birth is reserved for baby's with obvious obstruction or those requiring PPV.
True: Routine suctioning is no longer done.
What gauge suctions catheters are used for setting up for a delivery?
10F or 12F
What is the wall suction set to in preparation for a difficulty delivery?
What is the O2 flow meter set to in preparation for a delivery?
What ET tube sizes are made redily available for a difficulty delivery?
2.5, 3, 3.5, 4
What size feeding tube is obtained for a a difficult delivery?
What size laryngoscopes are made readily available for a delivery?
0 and 1
Acrocyanosis would earn what apgar score?
A heart rate of 85 would earn what apgar score?
Limp tone would earn what apgar score?
A grimacing baby would earn what apgar score?
A baby with apnea spells would earn what apgar score?