Youth Sports Essay

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Youth sports programs, has become a very important part of today’s society. Youth sports, provides our youth with positive development both physically and mentally. Sports programs should be fun and challenging. A positive approach should be used to help develop athletic skills and teach kids lessons in life. Every youth that participates should feel they are in integral part of their team. Education is very important in today’s complex and technical society. Before we devote so much time to youth sports, we must make sure the kids are being educated in the classroom. Education comes before any sporting activity. Youths can survive life without sports, but not without an education. Kids are the most important slice in youth sports. …show more content…
Each parent should support the sport programs and coaches. Supporting the coach relieves pressure and allows the coach to concentrate on the youths. Many parents try to live their sporting experience through their kids, even applying unwanted pressure and stress on the kids. Parents must remember its youth sports not adult sports. Communities, throughout the United States provide the means for our youth to participate in sports. Businesses, local, and federal government donate funds to assist with the finical burden of operating sports programs. This is wonderful, but unfortunately, communities like inner cities receive fewer funds or none at all. In turn, the youths in the inner city miss out on a lifetime opportunity to develop their minds and sporting skills. Every youth no matter the gender, sex or race should receive the opportunity to participate in sports. Many professional athletes have a lot of input on youth programs. Athletes provide monetary funds, sports camps and sports clinics to youth programs. Professional athletes are also role models for our youth. Many kids want to emulate professional athletes. This can be good and bad, as you know some athletes are not fit to be role models to our kids. Professional athletes must understand the importance of them being positive role model to our kids. Many kids will be effected by their actions, so they should set the example for youths to follow. Youth sports can

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