Essay You Always Remember Your First...Phone

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When I was growing up I wanted for nothing. I can’t remember ever not getting something I wanted after asking. If there was a gift-giving holiday coming up and I asked for a specific present my parents almost always made my current dreams come true. I wasn’t until I was around twelve that there was a specific something that I wanted that I had to wait for, to earn. I wanted my first cell phone more than anything I’d ever asked for before, and the waiting process, to this day, is still vivid. At the time it seemed prolonged and painful. Although now I realize that I wasn’t made to wait much longer than a few months, it seemed like I’d been begging for years before I finally got my wish. The first time I asked for a cell phone, my mother …show more content…
I just wanted to possess one, no matter what it looked like or what it did. Looking back I think the only draw was fitting in with my friends. I felt much like the young boy Allison Pugh described wanting his Game Boy to be part of the lunch discussion, to be included (Pugh 2-3). Despite the fact that there was no one I needed to speak to everyday and nothing to gain from getting this phone, I still wanted it more than anything else. When my thirteenth birthday rolled around I was so beyond excited for present time that I barely realized all of what I received. My mom had planned a day full of family from out of town, manicures, pedicures, and she even got me makeup that I had previously not been allowed to wear. I was of course very happy about all of this because what teenage girl wouldn’t be? But as the day went on I was still just anticipating present time. When that fateful hour finally came rolled around I tried to analyze each gift to decipher exactly what each one was prior to opening it, while simultaneously wishing every box I opened held what I truly desired. As I opened each box I slowly realized that not a single one was what I’d been hoping for. And although I tried to hide the disappointment, I’m sure that I didn’t do it well. As if I wasn’t disappointed enough in not getting a phone, it was even worse to see my parents obvious disappointment for my lack of appreciation of what I DID get.
After my birthday I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get

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