Wrongfully Accused and Convicted: “The West Memphis Three” Essay

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Today, many prisoners are serving prolonged time in penitentiaries for crimes not committed. In some instances, the law rushes into convictions before getting complete facts. A small town may have needed vengeance, which leads to wrongful convictions. Ignorance of the law is also a factor for an erroneous conviction. In fact, many people do not have knowledge of the law and are not aware of their legal rights. Certain statements might falsely incriminate a person. Law Enforcement may threaten or use scare tactics to get a false declaration of guilt, but most serving time in prison for wrongful convictions are witness misidentification. Police do not take the time to get genuine proof of guilt and in the end has destroyed innocent lives. …show more content…
After being reported missing a day later, the victims were discovered in a drainage ditch. During that time, there was no supporting evidence collected at the crime scene to prove who committed the murders. A lieutenant who contacted a juvenile officer in Memphis both agreed someone in a cult executed the gruesome murders. The juvenile officer quickly knew of someone who was capable of the murders. The police immediately interviewed Damien Echols, accused of cult rituals. Damien Echols responded with answers that detailed the murders known throughout the community. Unfortunately, this made Damien look guilty, because he stated details of the crime scene police thought only the killer would have known. Damien’s appearance was very strange, different and not considered “normal” in the communities beliefs. His Wiccan beliefs and gothic appearance made him look guilty. Not only was Damien deemed guilty of this crime, but two other boys were also accused of these murders. There are many inconsistencies with the case, because of false witness statements. For instance, police failed to collect all evidence in the woods to connect the murders to anyone. According to TruTV Crime Library, there was a boy declaring he witnessed the murders. Stating he saw men who spoke Spanish commit the murders. In addition, he modifies his story later and mentions he observed one of the victim’s fathers killing the three boys. The same

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