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Wikileaks Wikileaks is a website dedicated to informing the public with classified government information. The website allows for the public to be aware of the hidden agenda of the government. This act is viewed as an expression of our freedom of speech. Wikileaks provides a reliable source for Americans to educate their selves about the actions of their government. It offers a transparent view of the government, and allows Americans to be whistleblowers on unreasonable issues administered by the government. Wikileaks should be allowed to release government information because it aids in providing citizens with the knowledge of important information they may not have been aware of otherwise.
Citizens of this country have the
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It allows us to embrace the wikileaks site as an expression of the essential freedom that is at the center of our Bill of Rights (Kennedy 2010). Wikileaks is allowed to operate without obstructing the law because it is protected in first amendment for speech and for freedom of the press. Therefore, wikileaks can share government information with the American public.
Wikileaks stands to improve the democracy and not to weaken it. The website saves many lives by exposing war crimes, and it is a service to humanity (Hansen 2010). The website is also not a threat, if anything it improves the system by exposing problems and finding solutions for them. Mary Cary, a reporter from states that the US has been going in the wrong direction for years by classifying millions of documents as secrets. Wikileaks which report these so called secrets will embarrass people and will make leaders uncomfortable. This embarrassment and discomfort however, are small prices to pay for a healthier democracy (Quigley 2010). As stated by Thomas Jefferson, “Information is the currency of democracy.” Without information circulating around citizens would be unaware of many situations and which may be a threat to their democracy. A good democracy is one in which citizens know what their government is involved in and how it affects the country as a whole. A good democracy is one that is willing to share every

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