Wife vs. Daughter in Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros and Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

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What is a Wife? What is a Daughter? Are they the same, or are they different? A wife supports a husband, but a daughter could also have the same position could she not? A daughter could marry and become a wife, and still be a daughter. Than again, a wife could be an only child, and a wife could have no father. A wife compares to a daughter in many ways, and differs in many different ways as well. All in all, it?s quite possible that all women, go through at least one of these titles, at one point in there lives.
In the short story ?Why I want a wife? by Judy Brady, she goes into detail what being a wife is like. The tedious details of day to day activities, the strain and hard work of being a ?good wife?, and the unappreciated
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There views were different and often clashed. Her desire to be who she truly desired to become, compares to the first short story. Sandra wrote, and wrote, and wrote. She had journals, papers, essays, you name it she wrote it. Her family on the other hand, did not read her writing. They were not interested, nor were they capable of reading them due to the language barrier.
Judy Brady?s passage shared a very similar unappreciated character, she too had learned to deal with rejection by her loved ones, and she still went on with her day to day life. Sandra?s character was ridiculed daily by her brothers, her father, and even her own mother. She managed to put the ridicule aside, and move her life forward. Sandra moved on to become a great respected writer, along with the respect of her family overtime.
These two stories were also very different, they were written in different views. The second story was written in first person, it told a story about a past experience. The first story was very general, it related to many women readers, while the first story related to only a slim few. Although these stories related to one another, they did not reach out to the same audience. There are only a few readers who can relate to both at the same time.
The main reason that these stories are alike, are that they relate to women. Whether you are a daughter, or a wife, changes are you can relate to

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