Who is the real Shakespeare? Essay

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Who is the real Shakespeare?

One of the largest mysteries of current time is the debate over who the author of the plays commonly attributed to William Shakespeare really is. Commonly termed as the “authorship problem,” many skeptics believe that the William Shaksper of Stratford (the spelling of his name originally) could not have been the true composer of the plays he is traditionally attributed with. Although the thought of someone besides Shakespeare composing the plays is not popular with the American and European world, there are excessive theories concerning the truth behind the possibility of the works being authentically his.

Doubts about the true composer of Shakespeare’s works generally arise
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Although the tireless search for the real Shakespeare has existed for centuries, biographers and scholars cannot bridge the expansive gap between the details of Shaksper’s life and the sublimity of the plays. Although there is no hardcore evidence proving any author to be directly responsible for writing the plays, the most commonly mentioned candidates include the seventeenth Edward de Vere, Francis Bacon, William Stanley Derby, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, and even Queen Elizabeth herself. Consequently, those willing to accept William Shaksper as the true author of Shakespeare’s works generally concede to the concept that the arisen commoner had aristocratic assistance in composing his plays.

Perhaps one of the most perplexing arguments surrounding the “authorship problem” would be the total lack of documentation proving Shaksper of Stratford to the works of Shakespeare. According to the Oxford Society, “There should be masses of contemporary documents about the life of the world’s greatest writer. His manuscripts, his letters, the letters sent to him, the letters about him between others, and printed stories and pamphlets about him. But there are none of these things” (1-2). The only documents recovered about William Shaksper of Stratford point away from the thesis that

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