What is a Rich Internet Application? Essay example

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The purpose of this document will allow us to look into the WHAT, WHY & HOW of Rich Internet Applications

WHAT: describes the general definition of a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and view some examples of these Rich Internet Applications.

WHY: will take us through, why use Rich Internet Applications, the benefits and future developments.

HOW: will allow us to look at the Technologies behind the RIA.

WHAT is a Rich Internet Application?
The term Rich Internet Applications refers to web applications that have features and function like a desktop application, it means that Rich Internet Applications are a cross between web applications and traditional desktop applications which allows some of the essential
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Rich internet applications are a relatively old idea and were previously known under different names like remote scripting, X Internet and well as several others.
Most Companies that employ a Rich Internet Application, do so to allow the user to update their requests/details at anytime and anywhere with the smoothness of a desktop application. A good example of a Rich internet application is shown below:

On Google Maps, users can navigate a map in any direction by dragging it, and the page remains in place. Previous websites would have had navigation/directional buttons and the webpage would have to refresh each time the user opted for a direction to scroll. Before Rich Internet Applications, Google Maps’ capabilities were only available on desktop applications.
Rich Internet Applications can also be applied to any processes that require multiple steps including Registration and shopping cart checkouts.

WHY use Rich Internet Applications

In simple terms, a rich internet application means a web application that is as functional as any usual desktop application. Rich internet applications offer features like a desktop application and due to this aspect have grown in use on the internet. The main reason for the use of rich internet applications can be put down to the ordinary user’s dissatisfaction with the HTML based web

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