Essay on Western Feminism and Development

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Western feminism and development
Western feminism started mainly emphasizing on women’s role in development during the 1970s what is known as the “Second Wave” of feminist movements. Ester Boserup, a Danish economist, analyzed development as an ideology that excluded women, and proposed alteration in looking at the established development processes, and policies in her book “Woman’s Role in Economic Development” in the 1970. Aguinaga et al (2013) mentions that Boserup’s book resulted to the first World Conference on Women, which the United Nations declared the next decade the “Decade of Women” and institutionalized women’s perspective as part of development on July 2, 1975 in Mexico. Until the 1970s, women had only been considered in
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GAD that started in the 1980s is a program based on the conception of socialist feminism and the poststructuralist critique. Socialist feminists challenged concept of development being an integrated part of capitalism and patriarchy, and GAD reasons that both genders are social constructs that are beyond biological sex and that gender alone does not construct the idea of women but other categories of domination, including ethnic and cultural origin, their sexual orientation and age also play a part.
Despite the assumption that women were “included in development”, the patriarchal modification within the household and in the public domain adopted another form, starting a new cycle of poverty for women and the feminization of poverty, anchored in subsistence economies (Bruno, 2006). Thus it was women who had to create jobs for themselves and move into the labor market in unequal conditions, where they suffered wage discrimination. A hyper-masculinised marketplace is a hostile space for women to function within, especially as women are largely having to enter the marketplace within the framework of survival or marginal improvement in their quality of life rather than to make profit (Rai, 1998). Women in the development process are mostly given equal rights in the west however, there much of the benefits of the

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