War On Terror Essay

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Since the events of September 11, 2001, the United States of America as a whole people do not feel nearly as secure as they used to. In light of the terrorist attacks, citizens have taken a much closer look at the tremendous vulnerabilities America has. Dams, chemical plants, malls, and stadiums are just a few of the numerous potential terrorist targets. Obviously these facilities need to be protected at a heightened state of alert. What can the United States do as a country to stop these threats? They must retaliate to put terrorists on the run, making them contemplate long and hard about attacking American civilians again. Many believe that if Osama bin Laden is killed the problem would be solved. This is not so, terrorism networks …show more content…
Immediately after taking out runways, other important facilities should be destroyed before the enemy can rebuild their airstrips. Such important facilities include: terrorist training camps, ammunition bunkers, tanks, terrorist headquarters, surface to air missiles (SAM), and bunkers housing terrorist that are within the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. Taking out such targets makes the objectives of troops on the ground much more difficult. It is quite clear why the United States military must bomb and do it significantly. Thus far the best option the United States Department of Defense has, is to insert ground troops consisting of Special Operations Units. These units are Army Rangers, Green Berets, Commandos, Marines, and the Delta Force (though the Delta Force is not publicly confirmed to exist by the United States government, its existence is known of). These special units need to be flown in and parachuted at low-level altitudes by “special operations forces form the Army, Air Force, and units of the 82nd and 101st airborne divisions.” (Kelley, USA Today pg. 1) “These teams have been ordered to capture or kill bin Laden or, if this is not possible, pin him down in an area until United States air-strikes can be launched, the officials say.” (Kelley, USA Today pg.1) This goes for all other major terrorists as well. These special forces are the pinnacle of the military, and soldiers of these

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