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Walter Payton

     In 1954 Walter Payton, a star, was born in Columbia, Mississippi. His parents Edward and Alyne Payton had three children, Eddie, Walter, and Pam Payton. When Walter was a kid he always loved to go outdoors. He always loved to go fishing, play football with his friends, and exploring the woods that he lived by. Walter spent his first three years of playing football at an all-black school named John Jefferson high. After he had finished High School the options for a black athlete in the south were limited, even in the 1960's you couldn't find many schools that a blac person could go to. Walter decided to stay closer to home and follow his older brother Eddie and go to a school in Jackson,
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Walter topped 1,000 yards and scored 13 touchdowns in 1976, and was voted the Most Valuable Player in 1977. Chicago went to the playoffs after the '77 season, which led to a 275-yard game by #34, which stood as the best single game performance in the NFL until it was surpassed by three yards in 2000. It was during the years 1976-1981 that the Bears became defined by Walter Payton. Jokes circulated that their game plan was as simple as Payton left, Payton right, Payton Middle, punt. In the year 1977 Walter Payton got his nickname "sweetness", now that is the name everyone remembers him by. The '84 Bears finished the regular seoson 10-6, and won their first postseason game since 1963 at Washington. During that game, Payton threw a touchdown pass to TE Pat Dunsmore, adding to his long list of achievements. The following week, Chicago lost the NFC championship at San Fransisco, and TV cameras showed Payton sitting on the bench. After the game payton voiced his sorrow to the press. His team had come so far, and tommorow is promised to no one, so who knew if he'd get his shot at the Super Bowl ring. That shot came during the ever-celebrated 1985 season. Payton made perhaps the best block of his career when he leveled a blitzing Vikings linebacker at Minnessota. That pancake allowed Jim McMahon to complete the first of three TD bombs in Chicago's comeback victory. The next week, Payton threw a TD pass to none other than QB McMahon in a 45-10 thrashing of

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