Essay about W.L. Gore

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December 9, 2005

To: President, Personnel and Human Resources- Expedia, Inc.

From: VP Personnel and Human Resources

RE: Executive Summary of W.L. Gore and Associates

W.L. Gore, a well founded industrial company was founded in 1958 by Bill and Viece Gore. Their purpose was to found a solid company that produced a material that would surpass the rest. Their product "Gortex" can be found all over the world in the form of engineering, medical, electronic, and apparel material.
At W. L. Gore & Associates their mission statement is simply put, "our products are designed to be the highest quality in their class and revolutionary in their effect." This also goes beyond their product to their company culture. They remain innovated in
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It's the positive benefit packages Gore Associates receive for being valued employees.
Employee Benefits include the following:
1) Medical, Dental. Full vision benefits.
2) Paid vacation and holidays
3) Family care management
4) Profit Sharing
5) Continuing Education benefits
6) Retirement
The list of programs goes onto include training, insurance, stock option etc. Gore treats their employees with a respectful package both in benefits and work environment. Gore's work environment is key when focusing of organizational design.
Gore and Associates allows for a diversified workforce both in creativity and culture. Creativity is the driven force behind Gore's innovating focus. They allow people to be who they are and explore their belonging to the company. They allow for people to move up in the company through training programs, and continuing education. Communication allows for upper management to meet in the middle with division management and customer service. Their broad range in products allows for a diversified customer base. A well rounded company like Gore deserves to be in the top 100 companies to work for. They fit the mold and when change is needed, they adapt well.
In conclusion to this summary, Expedia should note the following changes to better meet the goals and ambitions as Gore and Associates have done to reach the Top 100 companies to work for.
1) Bring communication to an even flow throughout

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