Gustav Stresemann: A Significant Person In Germany

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Gustav Stresemann was a significant person in Germany history from 1923-1929? How far do you agree? Explain your answer?

In my essay I am going to explain the ways that Gustav Stresemann was important to a certain extent. There are also some ways that he failed to be significant, and I will explain those ways also. Overall I think that he was a very significant person between 1923-1929. I will be analyzing his significance through those years that I stated above. Gustav Stresemann was a nationalist, but he wanted and needed to understand how to save Germany. He was defiantly one of the people that helped Germany have a government to make laws in Germany. There was a bunch of different things that he succeeded in that made him so successful. I’m going to tell you a couple of those things to prove that he was very significant.
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He got Germany back in to the League of Nations. This means that he thinks that Germany should be in the League. He thinks that Germany is important enough to be in the League. Another thing was The Dawes Plan. The Dawes Plan is very important because it was his first big achievement that he conquered. The Dawes Plan was founded in 1924, which helped reduce all of the reparations in Germany. The last thing that I am going to talk about is how he was the Foreign Minister. I am going to dig into all of these things that I just stated, and prove that he was a very willing and a significant person in Germany in

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