Essay on Violence in the Media

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Violence, in various forms, has been around for as long as man kind has existed. Ancient civilizations such as the Romans, and the Greeks, enjoyed violent entertainment as a sport, in numerous ways like gladiator battles, lions eating people in the Coliseum, etc. However, not even the Romans could foresee violence sneaking into the media the way it has today, and it’s wreaking havoc on our posterity. There’s too much violence in our media today. In movies, television, video games, everywhere. It’s in our faces everywhere we turn, and it’s having a negative effect on people of all ages, all over the world. While it may all seem like fun and games, I feel that nowadays, the media is getting too excessive with its violent content. This is no …show more content…
Also, not only is their proof that the lack of non-violent television is getting to our kids, but the media has, (whether intentionally or not), shown in a sense, what the violence on television has done to children. Just look at little Mikey from the hit movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Mikey is portrayed to live for 2 things: television and candy. If you’ve noticed however, he’s also pretty darn fond of his two toy pistols, and “shooting” them, and such, and he thinks it’s a fine and jolly time to shoot away at whatever he wants, and something tells me he didn’t get that notion from the golden ticket in his chocolate bar.
In the 21st century, technology has surpassed many of our wildest dreams, and become a hit with people of all ages. Some of the hit games of recent, “Assassins Creed: Brotherhood”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, “Halo 3”, and so forth. I’ve noticed a trend with all these popular games; the main objective is to kill; and not just kill along with other side tasks, just kill, kill, kill. The kind of killing where the dead person’s blood explodes onto your television screen, and you get bonus points for making their head explode into thousands of pieces. “Many authors, such as Degaetano and Grossman (1999) and Anderson (2004), state that the effects of violent images on video games are even worse than other kinds of images, for several reasons. Firstly, as opposed to films and television

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