Using Effective Methods to Teach Grammar to the Adult ESL Learners

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Using Effective Methods to Teach Grammar to the Adult ESL Learners

Language is one of the fundamental traits distinguishing human beings from the lower orders of life on earth. Most people agree that the ability of language use has helped mankind to climb the evolutionary ladder; therefore, language use is an essential component to people's life in society.

Grammar is a part of language and it plays an important role in language use. According to Weaver (1979: 3), the study of grammar will not only help people become better language users, but also effective listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. As a result, grammar has a traditionally central role in language teaching.

Recently, many researchers have focused on the
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The third is exploring methods for how to teach grammar in context is another effective way to learn grammar. My paper will recommend that teachers can use many authentic materials such as newspapers, magazines, and novels to teach grammar in context.

English is a complicated language that is composed of many sentences and each sentence is the combination of words or phrases. Therefore, teachers usually give some grammar rules to help adult learners to learn English. Providing grammar rules to ESL adult learners is the first effective way to teach grammar. According to the research of
Long and Richards (1987: 286), Krashen and Seliger say "Unlike children, adults are likely to benefit from formal language instruction." Therefore, with the adult learners, conscious grammatical explanations should be taught. Teachers will give explanations of grammatical structures followed by introducing sentence patterns in class. However, these types of grammar explanations should be presented in a specific and divergent learning approach because teachers should have sensitivity and care in the students with different previous learning experiences.

For example, if a teacher wants to teach the meanings of verb phrase and noun phrase, he will give some explanation to help students learn well the verb phrases and noun phrases. The teacher will say: the most important word in a Verb Phrase is the verb. Very often we find a

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