Understanding Friendship through the Staircase Model Essay

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Relationships can have different forms such as between two lovers or between parent and child. There are many times in a relationship when it goes downhill due to lack of communication. Most fundamental form of relationship is Dyad where two people engage in communication of shared history and personal nature. Ruben and Stewart (2006) supports, “In any dyad, unique language patterns and communication patterns develop that differentiate that relationship from others”. One can easily see the dyadic relationship between friends. It is a type of relationship which can be characterized by the sharing of information, confidences, mutual assistance, enjoyment, spontaneity, and use of slang words that distinguish them from others. For instance, …show more content…
Moreover, as discussed in class, most of the relationship never progress to the next level because it lacks depth. This limitation can also be seen in my chosen relationship because our talk is limited to grades and lecture discussion only. So, one can easily determine that my chosen relationship will not proceed to the next stage because they are quite superficial and occasional talks.
One limitation of staircase model is “Timing” (DiDomenico, 2013). It can be thought as how long both individuals stay together or apart from each other. This issue of Timing can be seen in the Company where two people meet at a specific time and do their individual work. If one person fails to do his job it will not be moving to the next person and the company might suffer from huge losses. The other concern with “staircase” model is “ordering issue” (DiDomenico, 2013). This issue can be reflected as the relationship stage in which partner skip one stage and move to next stage thinking that it is a stage that person really desire, but after some time he retreats back to the same stage that he was on before. Moreover, this issue of ordering can be seen in my selected relationship because after the semester is over, and when we meet at some place than we have to start with initiating phase again.
Relationships are also affected by Technology. The above chosen relationship can be considered to be influenced by online social networking. The partner who is homebound

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