Essay about Top Ten Tourist Cities

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People have been travelling from place to place since ancient times. Nomadic people moved about to graze their livestock. Later people traveled to trade, or to seek their fortunes in gold rushes, and millions emigrated to other countries to escape persecution or to seek better lives. Apart from a few historical examples, tourism – travelling for pleasure is relatively modern idea. Today people spend nearly $1000 billion a year on tourism.

Top Tourist Countries :

From the year 2005 one in every eight people in the world traveled as tourists to another country – a total of 806 million. Of these, almost half visited the top ten destinations below. By the year 2020 the number of international tourists is likely to more than double to 1.5
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In the 18th century, it became fashionable to visit these spas to “take the waters’ – drinking and bathing as cures for various illnesses. Bath in England is a well known Roman Spa.

Package Tours : On 5th July 1841, British travel pioneer Thomas Cook took 570 members of the Temperance Society (an organization opposed to drinking alcohol) on the newly opened railway from Leicester to Loughborough. This was the first package tour, and the beginning of what was to become the world’s best – known travel company. When the Paris Exhibition opened in 1851, Cook took “excursionists” abroad for the first time. By the time Thomas Cook died in 1892, he had made travel possible for the masses.

Exhibitions : During the 19th and 20th centuries, major exhibitions in Europe and the USA brought millions of people to the big cities of the world. Many had never traveled before. The Great Exhibition in London in 1851 had more than 6 million visitors. A century later, the 1951 Festival of Britain attracted 8.5 million. The Paris Exposition of 1889, for which Eiffel Tower was built, had 28 million visitors, and more than 51 million visited the New York World’s Fair of 1964 – 65.

Festivals : The world’s major arts & music festivals receive millions of visitors. The annual Texas State Fair in the USA attracts as many as 3 million, and many other North American fairs receive 1 million or more. Festivals such as the

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