Those Who Spoke Out in Early Germany Essay

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We, as humans, were a disgrace in the time of the Holocaust. We did not listen to people who had spoken out about Hitler and his intentions. We chose to stay out of it, in hopes it would work itself out despite the evidence we had. We, as in the world, did not do anything to protect citizens, our neighbors and our brothers and sisters. It was wrong of Germany, The United States, the other nations and people of the world who did not listen to those who spoke out in early Germany. We were ALL bystanders.

Martin Niemoller was a prominent protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler, and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps, despite his ardent nationalism. Niemoller became famous for his
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Hitler mislead religions by stating how important Christian faith was to the German nationality leading Nieomoller to enthusiastically welcome the Third Reich. Nieomoller described Jews as “highly gifted people who produce idea after idea for the benefit of the world” (Holocaust Educational Resource).
Stunned by the actions taken and realization of what was really happening, Nieomoller was upset when it was becoming an issue in the church for Jews to be there and started the PEL (pastors emergency league) When the PEL was seen as a threat it was then reported to only internal church matters. Hitler then led Germany out of the PEL in 1933. Nieomoller’s phone had been tapped by the Gestapo and the PEL was under close surveillance. Nieomoller stubborn with his demotic ways, he was issued warnings and despite the notice he continued to preach against the states attempts of interference with the church. In return he was arrested several times from 1934-1937. “July 1937, Gestapo officials arrested Nieomoller again this time for treasonable statements and was placed in a concentration camp. Even while incarcerated, Nieomoller, a complex figure whose opposition to Nazism remained” (Holocaust Educational Resource).Although he was acknowledging the wrong being done, he didn’t speak out before Hitler came to power he was only sorry for not saying something earlier (Spartacus Educational).

No one thought twice about stopping Hitler

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