Essay on The World’s Greatest Detective

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“I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises!” Beginning with his inception in 1939, Batman has been preying on the criminal minds that run amuck in Gotham City. Today, he has become the most iconic superhero in popular culture. From the poorly designed video games of the 1990’s, to the award winning Batman: Arkham series today, Batman has inspired gamers around the globe. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, was the lone survivor of the Wayne family after his parents were gunned down in the streets of Gotham City. Pledging to exact vengeance on those who prey on the fearful, Bruce traveled far and wide to hone his skills as a vigilante. Powered by his keen intellect, Bruce became an expert in criminology and many forms of …show more content…
The game was viewed as a success, but for many people, it felt as though they were reliving the events of the movie through computer animation. The graphics of the game, although adequate for its time, appear similar to the Mortal Kombat beat ‘em up style. In 1995, the movie Batman Forever hit the big screen. It was considered a huge financial success at the time and the biggest of all the live-action Batman films. After the success of the film, a game was put into production and released in 1996. Like the Batman Returns video game, the basic concepts for the new game remained the same. It followed the same sequences as the movie did where Batman is faced with stopping two new rogues the Riddler and Two-Face. The game expected players to have watched the movie to understand some of the key events as the story unfolded. The fighting style also was unchanged as it incorporated the same beat ‘em up style from the previous game. The graphics for Batman Forever improved but the imprecise movements of the characters and the lack of a unique storytelling made it one of the worst video games ever released. Batman and Robin is considered one of the biggest movie disasters of all time and the biggest as far as superheroes are concerned. It was financially unsuccessful and it killed the Batman movie franchise that had been in the running since 1989. Although it was considered a flop, a video game of its likeness was still ordered into

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