Essay on The West Philadelphia Landscape Project

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The West Philadelphia Landscape Project

West Philadelphia Landscape project has worked with the community for over twenty-five years to restore nature and rebuild the neighborhood through design, strategic planning and educational projects. They have worked in the Mill Creek neighborhood since 1987 and use their experiences to demonstrate how the human population can live healthier, more economic lives. The aim of the project is to make the Philadelphia community more sustainable, with the proposal to manage the area of Mill Creek in a way that would improve the local water quality. The project utilizes landscape literacy as a means to preserve the environment and develop community relations. During the twenty-five years that the project
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They learned how to decipher the landscapes past and developed stories about the areas future. In 1996, thousands of school aged children had begun to participate in the program. In 1999 the project became national news when it was subject of a report on NBC Nightly News. Later in 2000 President Bill Clinton visited Sulzberger Middle School and was introduced to the students who participated in the program. Later that year, the Philadelphia Water Department took over the school program, while Anne Sprin, the teacher responsible for the program, left for work at MIT. Even then she still worked with her students on the project. Shortly after her leave, the state of Pennsylvania took over the school district and in 2002 the project came to an end when the school was put under private management. The Philadelphia Water Department in the fall of 2009 announced that it proposed to reduce the amount of sewer overflows by creating green infrastructure to alleviate sewer flow. After this was formally announced, Anne Sprin, analyzed the possibility of what the water department was proposing. She and her students have since visited and studied the Mill Creek neighborhood and developed new ideas for the floodplain which they presented to the water department. These ideas were documented and later

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