Essay about The Use of Traditional Styles in Contemporary Architecture

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Abstract: Contemporary architects have a wide variety of sources to gain inspiration from, but this has not always been the case. How did modernism effect sources of inspiration? What did post-modernism do to liberate the choice of influences? Now that Contemporary architects have the freedom of choice, how are they using “traditional” styles and materials to inspire them? Even after modernism why are traditional styles still around?

Through the modern era technologies evolved and avant garde was not just a matter of being ahead in you design concepts,. but also in the materials that you use. Modernist designers, in an obsession of moving forward, where always looking to enhance their ideals with new materials. When the modernist
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The public and the design world where looking for something new, to liberation of these constrictions and bring interest back in their designs. With Robert Venturi as a prominent figure of the movement he set out to change the idea of “less is more” to “less is bore”. Trying to find something that is better than the cold lines of modernism.

If modernism was a stream, post-modernism would be the pond it runs into at the end. The meaning is that modernism ran on a single path, creating then reacting, creating then reacting, each part moving forward, reacting and forgetting the past. Post-modernism is like the pond, as it is the combination of influences, rejecting of the rules of modernism and referencing different styles and techniques of history. Instead of being a single path it steps outside of the “isms”, action and reaction mentality, and is a mixed “melting pot” of ideas and inspirations. Post-modernism gave a new freedom and understanding of our histories, allowing architectures to cite the past, not only in it's styles but also in materials and techniques as well.

“Traditional” is a term which is not something easily pinned down. Given the scope of different cultures, traditions, contexts and ethnic groups around the world, it would be near impossible to give a full outline of what are all the techniques and materials that could be classed as traditional. The term traditional is a complex one and even

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