The Use of Medical Image to Diagnose and Treat Illness Essay

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If this was a perfect world, the moment a person underwent a surgery there would be no risk of having after effects of a major surgery. The doctors would be able to diagnose, treat and cure patients without causing any harmful side effects but reality is the total opposite of this. There is something that is helping to improve the perfect world that we reside upon in the medical field with Medical Imaging this fact has been improving. The use of medical imaging has provided the opportunity to the doctors to see inside a patient without having to cut them open. Medical imaging is the visualization of body parts, tissues, or organs, for use in clinical diagnosis, treatment and disease monitoring. It has also helped on many other fields for …show more content…
This is used to make detailed images of areas inside the body where the radioactive material is taken up by the cells. By conducting this procedure proteins that recognize a tumor stick to it being linked to a radioactive substance. With the “PET” imaging as well as the “SPECT” the doctors are able to detect the location of a tumor if it excites also with the “SPECT” technique the doctors can determine how the brain is working and determine what procedures are necessary for the brain to function in the correct way. It doesn’t matter if a person is a young child with cancer or an advanced age person who wants to make sure that their health is in a good position, with the advanced techniques of medical imaging it helps the person to detect and diagnose diseases at its earliest stage. In other words at a treatable stage where the doctors can be guided to determine the most appropriate and effective care of a problem that is found in a patient. One of the great benefits of medical imaging is that it’s safe and effective, for example imaging procedures such as "CT" which is a computerized tomography or computerized axial tomography “CAT” scan that uses a computer that takes data from several X-ray images of structures inside a human's body and converts them into pictures

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