Essay on The Use of Imagery in a Specific Sport

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The Use of Imagery in a Specific Sport

In Reviewing several studies of Imagery it was defined that there were a variety of findings of which what Imagery in sport actually was; however the dense amount of evidence which surrounded the reviews I read suggested that imagery does contribute to an improved performance in sports that require a factor of decision making.

Firstly we must ask ourselves what is imagery in sport? Is it imagining yourself in a specific position carrying out objectives over and over? It can be looked at in so many different ways but what it really is, according to "PST Methods of rugby" it is a (Psychological skills training) method. This involves a players ability to
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Hence, numerous athletes are turning towards mental imagery to take their game to the next level. Different uses of imagery in sport include: mental practice of specific performance skills, improving confidence and positive thinking, problem solving, controlling arousal and anxiety, performance review and analysis, preparation for performance, and maintaining mental freshness during injury.

If we look at imagery in specific sport of rugby there is a great deal of evidence to show that the use of imagery can enhance performance. Many top rugby players have reported that imagery has helped them to perform at very elite levels. Perhaps one of the best known has been Grant Fox; he was one of New Zealand's most profolic point's scorers internationally. The main reason as to why he was maybe so good might've been because of his strong advocation towards the use of imagery in helping his goal-kicking performance. Grant Fox proclaims "Mental rehearsal before and during the game has helped me enormously to concentrate, to focus my attention on the job at hand". The main reason imagery increases your performance positively is because it allows you to practise physical skills without actually having to perform them. It also gives you a chance to deal with a problem or event in your mind before

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