The Use of Alcohol and Marijuana Essay

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The Use of Alcohol and Marijuana

Alcohol and marijuana are the two most widely used recreational intoxicants in modern day
American society. Alcohol however is predominantly the most commonly used because of the fact that it is legal and marijuana is not. If used moderately, neither substance poses very serious health risks as we will examine in the following pages. If used responsibly, both substances can be enjoyable and even meaningful. For instance, alcohol decreases inhibitions, thus making celebrations and parties more sociable and enjoyable. Smoking marijuana amongst friends can also be a very relaxing, pleasurable activity. Both substances certainly have their time and place, and both certainly should be used
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They also discovered its ability as a pain killer when mixed with alcohol.
Russians and other Eastern Europeans relied on cannabis, the genus name for marijuana, as a medicinal aid in the sixteenth century. Toothaches and infected gums were often treated by inhaling the vapor given off by smoldering cannabis seeds. Ancient Romans used hemp for its strong physical properties. They made ropes and other support devices that needed to be strong and durable. However, the Romans did not have any idea about the inebriating power of the hemp plant. It was not until the mid-ninetieth century when America became aware of cannabis's intoxicating ability. Bayard Taylor's books Journey to Central Africa (1854) and The Land of the
Saracens described his experiences with hashish. However, the impressions left in most
Americans' minds concerning hashish were lurid and not very positive. By the 1860s, the number of Americans using hashish had risen to such a point that even in England, a writer named
Mordecai Cubitt Cooke predicted that cannabis would replace alcohol as the most popular from of intoxication. By the early decades of the twentieth century, however, the popularity of the drug had begun to diminish considerably, and the most visible users of the drug were predominantly blacks and Mexicans. At the same time, the popular name for the drug was no longer

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