The United States and the Era of Imperialism Essay

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The United States and the Era of Imperialism Never interfere with Europe was the cry of the founding fathers. Our very first president, George Washington warned us not to get involved with foreign powers. The spirit at the time of our nation’s birth was isolationism. The infant United States of America could not afford to get it’s hand caught in the cookie jar of world affairs. As children grow they get stronger, and the growth of the United States was no different. By the end of the Civil War the United States had muscles to flex. At the time the world was enthralled in the Age of Imperialism, in which a nation’s power was derived from it’s overseas holdings. The United States, who had just proved that it could beat itself up, …show more content…
America saw itself as the torchbearer.
This was the missionary belief that co founded U.S. imperialism. Finally, one of the main impetuses behind American imperialism was the official end to the American frontier. The 1890 census concluded so. Based on this notion, Frederick Jackson Turner postulated that the American frontier was vital to America’s development as a whole.
The Reverend Josiah Strong had a solution to the panic now sweeping the country. He had an answer to the question “what to do now?” Rev. Strong held that the teachings of Protestantism and U.S. philosophy were one in the same, if Jesus Christ were alive today he would be an American. He found a new frontier for America, and that frontier was overseas.

The roots of American imperialism did not suddenly sprout following the Civil War. Prior to “the War Between the States”, America had a history with foreign nations. Following the Napoleonic Wars, Great Britain entered into the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that the Western Hemisphere would be closed to further European colonization, and any European actions in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as an attack on American interests. How would the still young American nation be able to back up it’s bark? At the time Great Britain was the supreme naval power in the world, and it

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