The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley Essay

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Centers for Disease Control
This research project is about the Centers for Disease Control. This is a very interesting topic. One reason to learn more about the CDC is to find out about who they are and what they do. They are mentioned numerous times in the book called The Things That Keep Us Here. One interesting fact is that, during a time of crisis they try to keep people from going into a panic ( Doing this means that when a disease hits they are in charge of making sure everyone has what is necessary to survive. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean people will get the help they need or get it when they need it. They may wear HAZMAT suits and go door to door to see if people need assistance ( They also may give
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Another role the CDC has is to take preventive action against illness and disease (Trethan). This includes educating the public about the importance of immunizations, the dangers of obesity and informing people about common birth defects. Also included is the job of responding and providing help and guidance in emergency situations, such as natural disasters and explosions.
Research is a very big part of the duties of the CDC. They have many national research centers to study the causes of diseases and how to treat, cure and eliminate them ( They study and do research on a large variety of different problems, including birth defects and developmental disabilities, disease prevention, infectious diseases, environmental health and injury prevention (Trethan). They also keep statistics on many illnesses, injuries and natural disasters so that researchers can learn from these events so that they don’t happen again (
There are four basic types of public health threats that the Centers for Disease Control help with. First are biological threats. These threats can be things that happen naturally, accidentally or on purpose. They include such things as a virus, toxins in the air, food or water, bacteria and fungus (
A second type of threat is natural disasters. These kinds of things happen because of forces of nature and are such things as heat waves, hurricanes,

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