The Rich Cost of Poor Mathematics Education Essay

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America’s economy has been slowly crumbling before our very eyes. The nation has gone from a frivolous society to one of ever increasing frugality in the past decade alone. It has been said numerous times that the current generation of high school and college students may be compared to their predecessors who lived through the Great Depression. The focus on Algebra in high school is beneficial to a meager portion of the student population but, after college it is rarely used on the level in which it is taught. Although mathematics is essential learning material for any pupil, mandatory Consumer Economics classes would better suit graduates of this era by assisting in living in the real world, keeping their finances in order and …show more content…
With help from their parents more students are on their own without ever being truly independent and possessing the skills they need to stay above water in a dog-eat-dog economy.
Since so many students have graduated high school without this essential financial education instilled in them, their financial behaviors for life are kaput. Consumer economics enlightens on the aspects of keeping finances in order. For example, “Yes, Johnny, you do have enough money to buy that new video game but you also have to pay your cell phone bill this month.” This seems like a common sense situation but, shockingly, there are college drop-outs as well as graduates that have no impulse control and no sense of money and with neither of those they have simply been set up for financial failure. Also, the ability to comparison shop when it comes to buying groceries and household goods, the use of coupons to save small amounts of money, the idea that pennies make dollars are all important aspects of consumer education. Not to mention the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to mortgages, auto loans and the dreaded credit cards. Every year the government pours incredible amounts of money into education and instead of the public school system responding with increased consumer education they cut funding to these programs and pour it into athletics, school pride and don’t forget those advanced

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