The PQ Has Benefitted Francophones in Quebec Essay

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The PQ was formed on 1968 as a result of the merger of Mouvement Souveraineté-Association and the Ralliement national (Columbia Encyclopedia). The goal of the PQ was to obtain political, economic and social autonomy for the province of Quebec. From René Lévesque, to today’s party leader, Pauline Marois, the Parti Québécois has been in power five times, once a minority, and four times a majority government (Columbia Encyclopedia). The PQ has done a lot for Quebec over the little time they have been in power. They’ve helped Quebec rely less on the Canadian government, becoming more independent. The PQ, and future members, helped Quebec’s economy by urbanizing Quebec and starting an era of megaprojects. The PQ introduced policies like Bill 22 …show more content…
Many people were swayed to vote against the referendum by the offer of Trudeau working with the provinces to change the constitution (Bain 306). The second referendum in 1995 was led by Jacques Parizeau for full independence of Quebec but the vote was in favor of the No side with 50.6 % (Bain 367). The PQ today is still interested in sovereignty; they believe that sovereignty will make Quebec a better place. The PQ wants to do what they wish with their taxes, to create laws that suit them, to have their own foreign policy, andthey believe sovereignty would help them with their economic status (PQ’s website).

The economy of Quebec is 19.65 % of the total GDP of Canada, about 1/5 of the Canadian economy comes from Quebec (PQ’s website). All of that wealth comes from when the PQ revolutionized Quebec’s economy during the quiet revolution (Godin 138). The future premier of Quebec introduces his plans for Hydro Quebec in 1962 when he was minister of utilities; the project quickly became a symbol of innovation in Quebec (Sherry Olson). The hydro-Quebec project brought in an era of megaprojects, which portrayed the independence, and the initiative of the parties, and all of Quebec (Levesque 294). Today, the hydro plant brings in $14.7 billion, sending $1.1 billion straight into the provinces’ coffers (Canadian Press). Many public institutions were created to cater the provinces’ economic autonomy and public

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