Essay about The Positives and Negatives of Globalization

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Globalization is an issue that has attracted a lot of attention globally over the past. In fact, the media plays a significant role in broadcasting information and as well discuss issues relating to globalization. For instance, the media has been abuzz with stories relating to how the political instability in Ukraine and other countries experiencing political instabilities is affecting other nations. In essence, globalization has both negative and positive consequences. This is a paper in support of the issue of globalization. To understand this issue in an in-depth manner, it is important to define the word globalization. There are many definitions of globalization. According to Ervin and Smith, "Globalization refers to real changes …show more content…
Siddiqui asserts "The HDI is a simple average of the life expectancy index, education index, and GDP index" (179). The gross domestic product (GDP) of many countries in the world has significantly increased over the recent past, and this has been as a result of globalization. Globally, the GDP level increased form USD 17 trillion to USD 107 trillion between 1950 and the end of the twentieth century. The highest rate of growth in terms of GDP was witnessed in countries with high HDI especially China and India (Lockwood, Vorboys and Kothari n.p). People's ability to read and write has also increased as a result of globalization. Most of The illiterate individuals are inhabitants of the developing countries. Countries that opened up their borders to trade with other countries in the past are among the first world countries. Most African and Asian countries opened up for trade with other countries recently, and that is why they are still struggling in terms of their economies. Siddiqui elucidates the fact that many Southern Asian countries improved their adult and teenage literacy levels between 1990 and 2002 (181). Globalization has also led to increased movement of people from one region to another. This in itself has economic and social benefits. Many people and communities today have been defined on the basis of their culture. Movement of people leads to the spread of

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