The Effects Of Cultural Globalization

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Globalization is not a new concept in the world. The process of globalization has been around long before World War II. “All human history can be understood as the story of increased interaction on a limited planet” (Reilly 1089). Globalization may not be a new concept but the impact that it has had on the modern world in big businesses, women equality, the environment, and the distribution of wealth is bigger and stronger than ever before. Globalization “describes a complex phenomenon whereby individuals, nations, and regions of the world become increasingly integrated and interdependent” (Reilly 1089). Globalization has impacted our world in many ways; some have been beneficial to the economic growth of our world and some have been harmful …show more content…
“Globalization can free people from the tyranny of geography. Globalization has not only increased individual freedom, but also revitalized cultures and cultural artifacts through foreign influences, technologies and markets” (Document 2). Each country needs to borrow from one another in order to maintain the economy. Through cultural globalization we are able to learn and create new things from interacting with different people around the world. Through music, movies, sports, and food we are able to connect with one another in ways that have made each country better and more open to …show more content…
Through globalization women have been able to work and provide from their families in ways that they may not have before. Women have also been able to break through and tear down the slandered that men have set for them. The World Bank in World Development Report: Gender and Development, 2012. “Women appear to gain more control over their income by working in export-oriented activities. They also report greater self-esteem and decision-making capacity, with benefits extending to other family members” (Document 5).
The disadvantages of women working in the globalizing economy are that many time women have to work in sweatshops for long hours and only make $30 to $ 50 a week for 12 hour days. Child labor laws are violated Girls as young as 12 and 13 work in the factories. These long hours can prevent women from properly taking care of their children and very poor living conditions and health problems. A majority of women are coming down with cancer, and there are daily deaths of worker women. Described by Miriam Ching Yoon Louie in Sweatshop Warriors: Immigrant Women Workers Take on the Global Factory, 2001 (Document

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