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Joseph Campbell, a very well regarded mythologist and writer, believed that all adventure stories generally fallow the same story arch. The story starts off with the hero in his everyday life when out of nowhere, something calls the hero to his epic journey. He goes through a series of trials which he must overcome to reach the final battle. He wins and returns to his normal life as a changed man. This cycle is called “The Hero’s Journey”. Campbell talks about this idea in a few of his

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They don’t have a lot, ever since their father died and their mother went into an extremely depressed state to the point where she gave up trying to take care of herself and her children. This forced Katniss to learn to fend for herself at a young age. Her father had taught her how to hunt using a bow and arrow before he died and Prim would collect edible plants such as dandelions. They became able to survive this way. Katniss had to become quite skilled at using a bow and arrow in order to feed her family, but it will also help her later when she competes in the games.
In an interview with TIME Magazine, Collins talks about the type of conditions that Katniss grew up in and how that affected her character. “She was one of those kids who had had great responsibility thrust on them too early in age, and it had formed her in certain ways. So there's some ways in which she's very mature, and some ways in which she's extremely immature for her age…She deep down has a good heart, but you know that she's capable of making the choices that nobody should have to make.” (Collins, 1)
The second step in the hero’s journey is the refusal of the call. Often times, the hero is afraid or unsure that they want to accept the challenge presented to them. This is an interesting comparison to Katniss because she literally volunteers. However, she makes a promise to Prim as they’re saying goodbye that she will try her
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