Essay about The Opening Scene of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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The Opening Scene of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

The opening scene of “A View from the Bridge” contains a lot of clues and preparations for what is to come in the rest of the play. By just reading the title, the reader can tell a lot about what events will occur. The opening stage directions suggest the theme of the play before any characters are introduced, which is very significant. The first few lines of each person’s speech hints at the type of character that each person is going to be, and many clues are given away to what is going to happen and why. The set can also give the audience some contextual information- by showing what time period it was in. This hints to what the story
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Therefore just by looking at the title of the play, you know that it is going to be tragic- usually associated with a death.

Another interpretation of the title is that Alfieri is the bridge, in that he is the bridge character between the audience and Eddie and his family, because his character enforces the Greek Tragedy theme, and the general theme of inevitability. His character represents the reality, as he shows the audience what the play is about and prepares them for what is to come. This interpretation also gives a sense of isolation of Eddie, as Alfieri connects to the audience-, which could also show that not only Alfieri, but the whole audience is seeing the View from the Bridge.

The opening stage directions are important because this is the first time that the audience will see the set, and will begin to make assumptions or predictions about what is going to happen. They are very long and specific- again showing that everything is in its place, and fate will run its course. The first indication of death in these stage directions is in the second sentence: “The front is skeletal entirely”- this is very early in the play, straightaway suggesting that the tragedy will be happening soon.

Props introduced in the opening stage directions are also vital. “There is also a telephone booth. This is not

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