The Necessity Of Bilingual Education In Our Society Essay

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The Necessity Of Bilingual Education In Our Society

Bilingual Education has been a controversial subject within the educational system since its inception in 1974. It is of great importance to define the term "Bilingual" which is " The ability to speak and understand two languages". Included in this definition is the implied ability to transfer knowledge , skills and concepts from the first language to the second language148. It is important because it is upon the ability of the student to transfer knowledge to the second language that is the key to the success of Bilingual Education.

The implementation of bilingual education surfaced as a consequence of the Lau vs. Nichols decision, which stated that schools must provided some
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In 1986 a request for a six year extension of the law was vetoed by the Governor, who found it lacked " methodological and implementation flexibility." Efforts to implement the act failed again in 1987 . Until the passing of Proposition 227 the education of thousands of students that fall into the category of being Limited English , Non English or Transitional students follow the above mentioned guidelines.

With the passing of Proposition 227, English Language Education for Children in Public School, passed and thus the dismantling of Bilingual Education in California took effect as of August 1170 of this year. Those who voted in favor (61%) agree with the notion that American immigrants need to inmerse themselves in the language and culture to be productive and obtain the"American Dream" which is the aim of most of them. Those that opposed Proposition 227 tend to agree with authors of multiple studies (Krashen, Cunning among them) whom argued that bilingual education is the most successful way to acquire the language and integrate in the new culture.

Those who are not in favor of Bilingual Education state that English should be the only language taught at school. Many feel threatened by a trend toward a bilingual society and hold the traditional belief that bilingualism is a form of illness that affects the mind of the children preventing then from becoming " good American citizens" . Therefore in the mind of many , the students'

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