The National Review Essay

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The National Review

The National Review is a widely known classic conservative magazine. Founded in 1955 by William Buckley Jr., the magazine was the idea of William S. Schlamm, an Austrian Jewish immigrant. Buckley, a conservative, now serves as the chief editor for the magazine. The views expressed in the National Review generally follow the opinions of conservatives, who prefer current circumstances and only desire change in moderation. In the four consulted issues of the National Review evidence of its conservative nature can be found in the printed images, chief editor, section compiled by the editor, and articles published in the magazine.

The political cartoons in the National Review provide evidence to the fact that
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The article also offers a phone number to call if the reader’s college campus wants a speaker with a conservative viewpoint. This article is pushing for more conservative speakers on college campuses. Since a liberal magazine would not promote having more conservative speakers on college campuses, this advertisement supports the fact that the National Review is a conservative magazine.

Adding more evidence to the fact that the National Review is a conservative magazine is the revelation that the editor-at-large and founder of the National Review, William Buckley Jr., is a well-known conservative. A columnist from the New York Times proclaims Buckley as “one of the most authentic and authoritative journalistic voices of conservatism today” (available on line at; In journalism, as in most types of political media today, a writer tries to persuade his audience to his own view of the issues being discussed. Therefore a conservative would not print a liberal magazine and vice verse, which gives evidence to the fact that the National Review is a conservative magazine because it was founded and is edited by Buckley. Thus, given a quick examination of the editor and a glance at the political cartoon and advertisement, this reveals the National Review to be a conservative magazine. The only question remaining is just how conservative

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