Essay The Mass Media Increases Violence

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As television and video games become more popular due to technology, so does the increase in violence. With the increase of technology more children are playing video games or watching television shows, rather than playing outside. As some television shows and video games provide an educational experience for younger children, most provide an act of violence. Sixty-six percent of children programs have violence associated with the television show (Hamilton 111). While most children television shows have the good vs. evil concept, most use violent means to solve or settle their problems, such as in the shows Power Rangers, Power Puff Girls and most comic book heroes. Today, television is not the only means of violence media and the increase …show more content…
Anthony said that he was like the main character Dexter Morgan, “who lives the life of an undercover Miami blood spatter expert who doubles as a serial killer.” He is not the only one that says that this television show caused them to kill. In 2008, “a twenty nine year old Canadian man, Mark Twitchell, mimicked a story line from the drama when he allegedly killed thirty nine -year-old Johnny Altinger” (ABC News). Dexter is not the only television series that has violence that causes people to want to imitate it. Jackass, a television show on MTV, caused a seventeen year old boy in Texas to set himself on fire to imitate a stunt called the “human barbecue”. Also, with the new hit sport, Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is aired on the network Spike, causes a twelve-year-old boy in Florida to brutally kill a six-year-old girl by imitating professional wrestling moves. The hit sport is also made into video games such as, UFC Undisputed 2010 (Gentile 19). As a preschool director and a mother, Tracy Delatte sees firsthand how television and video games are causing violence in her daycare, Children’s Chalet. “At least once a week we have some child hurt do to a child demonstration what they have seen”, she says. Karate is an excellent sport for self- discipline, but it also can cause harmful side effects if not taught to use

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